Monday, 5 December 2011

HappyCall Recipe ~ Prata

Instant Roti Prata ready on Happycall Showtime. Crispy and Yummy. I bought a packet of NTUC instant Roti Prata. House-brand and save 5% of the expenses. I got Ayam Brand Chicken Curry to serve together with my prata. No more instant noodles. Something exciting which I didn't cook. With my HappyCall Pan (HCP), nothing going to STOP me from cooking..... Ok, I'm going to share with you how to control your fire and pan-ing.

First, let me introduce the main ingredient:
1) Roti Pratas
2) Chicken Curry (Your Choice Brand)
3) Brown sugar/ Honey (For those who can't take SPICY Food)

Pan-ing Prata
a) Heat up your HCP in low fire (Do not CLOSE the lid) - est 1 min
b) Feel hot and little steam flowing. Time to place your Prata in (No need to DEFROST Prata)
c) Let Prata pan itself till semi brown, then flip the other side of prata to pan - est 30s to 40s
d) Both sides turn crispy and golden brown, time to serve Prata with Chicken Curry/ Brown sugar/ Honey

*Prata - Has oil, so no need to put oil to HCP
Let Prata pan itself till semi brown
Semi brown and Crispy

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