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Relax Therapy - Part 2; How to choose your essential oils?

How to choose your essential oils?

Start by finding one’s favorite fragrances and select a few of favorites, use to suit one’s mood, as well as to enjoy them as a blend. There is a good chemistry with blend of fragrances of the same strain. And it is also good when blended with adjacent fragrances. Usually the essential oil classified to fragrances strain. Flora strain, Citrus strain, exotic strain, herbal strain, wood strain and spice strain.

The following table shown below; 
Strain of Fragrances   
Essential Oil
Goodness and remarks
Country of Origin
Flora: gentle and sweet fragrance extracted from flowers. Lots of long lasting fragrances and most blended strain.
Gentle with floral fragrance. It is said to be stress relieving and mood calming. Perfect for bathing with and using before going to bed.
Rose like sweet floral fragrance. Oil is said to be mood relaxing and good as a mosquito repellant.
Exotic: sweet, rich and unique fragrances reminisce exotic lands. It is said to soothe the moods.
Ylang Ylang
Heavy and sensuously exotic fragrance. An oriental fragrance used in perfumes which is said to bring forth the romantic mood.
Citrus: clear fruity and refreshing fruit based fragrances that everyone is familiar with and said to be brightening up our moods.
Delicate with slightly sweet floral fragrance. It is said to clear and refresh the spirits and brighten up the moods.
Republic of Cote d’lvoire
Exhilarating and refreshing fragrance. It is said to brighten up the spirits. Blends well with other essential oils.
Sharp and bitter sweet citrus strain fragrance. It is said to refresh and brighten up tired spirits.
Green tone lemon-like fragrance. It is said to refresh the moods, clear one’s head and increase concentration.
Refreshingly sweet sour   fragrance. Calms and refreshes one’s feelings.
Amongst the citrus strain it has a sharp floral strain fragrance. It is said to brighten up the spirits when one’s mood is heavy.
Herbal: fragrances extracted from herbs feel somewhat delicately bitter in the exhilaration one feel and are said to have refreshing effects when one is intent on enhancing one’s concentration.
Fragrance is spicy and slightly bitter taste. It is said to stimulate and refresh the senses when one is tired.
Stimulating and refreshing fragrance. An herb which has been used since ancient times, it is said to improve the agility of one’s mind and memory.
Sweet marjoram
Warm and slightly spicy fragrance. To soothe one’s feeling and lighten mood.
Wood: basking with deep woody fragrances.
Tea tree
Cool and refreshing green fragrance. Refresh depressed spirits and excellent germicide.
Stimulating and refreshing green fragrance. Said to soothe the spirits when one is feeling depressed and woolly minded.
Woody and floral fragrance, to brighten up the spirits when one is feeling tired and depressed.
Woody and slightly spicy fragrance. Clear and refresh one’s spirit.
Spice: sharp and stimulating fragrances. Motivates and energizes the spirits. It is also said to have a warming effect on the body.
Cinnamon leaves
Spicy and sharp stimulating fragrances. Refresh when one is feeling extremely exhausted.
Sri Lanka
Black pepper
Spicy and sharp fragrance. Give one of stamina when tiredness builds up
Sri Lanka

Advice for newbie’s recommended blend
#1: Bergamot is said to have high relaxing effect and gentle sweet geranium which would brighten up the mood.
#2: Ylang Ylang and choice lavender from adjacent flowers strain. Both are said to have the effect of relieving the sense of uneasiness and bringing peace of mind.
#3: A blend from adjacent strains with a crisp and refreshing fragrance

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