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Ecoramic Pots & Pan Review - Seafood Rice & Salted Vegetable Soup

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What an ideal morning, raining with thunders, it's too cozy to wake up from bed. After all, this kind of weather only happens once in a blue moon! Too bad, in reality most of us still have work. I know it's Monday, Monday Blue! But still, today is a working day, the new parliament session (12th Singapore Parliament) start today, after the landmark Watershed May 2011 General Election. Not to mention, we also have a new face, President Tan (It really doesn't matter, all the Presidential candidates coincidentally are all Tan) making his maiden Presidential Speech. More importantly, check out the Gmarket's Oct 10 Events today! Don't miss the chance to win G- Account $100!

Today, this is the first part of my Kitchen Art Ecoramic Pot & Pan Review. The dishes are done later part of last week. However, due to my busy schedule on the weekend, I only managed to upload the videos on YouTube. To my surprise, those video are a quick hit and some websites start linking it ( and BeTheCook) Okay, let start with the ingredents first.

Seafood Rice Pot (Serve 1)

My husband get this recipe from Channel U's show, he modified the ingredients to what we have on hand, it really taste great, like Korean's Stone Grilled Rice.

List of Ingredients
1. Small slice of butter
2. 50g of bacon, slices into thin strips (3 slices)
3. 30g of thawed prawns 
4. Some Oysters
5. Prawns' heads (for seafood taste) 
6. Sun-dried Fish
7. Sun-dried Cuttlefish (small piece)
8. Rice (One Person serving)
9. 1 big leaf of ice berg Lettuce.
10. 2 cloves of Garlic, chopped.

For seafood, you can add according to your own preferences like fresh prawns, squids, clams, salmon, flower crabs, etc.

Steps 1 (Heat the butter and bacon)
Heat up the Ecoramic Pan and add butter. When the butter are melted, add the bacon strips and continue to to stir fried the bacon till you smell the bacon. Add the diced garlic and stir quickly, switch the fire to low.

Steam escape for the vending hole on the lid

Step 2 - (Add the ingredients)
Add on the sun-dried fish, cuttlefish & prawn heads, followed by the seafood into the pan. Add the uncooked rice and 50ml of water, cover the lid, slimmer for 15 to 20 minutes at medium low fire.  (Note : If you are using flower crab, do not add the crab shell till 5 minutes before serving.)

Step 3. (Decorate the plate and ready to serve!)
The last step, layout the ice berg lettuce on the plate and lay the seafood rice on the plate. Before serving,  garnished some pepper and you have a nice place of seafood rice.

Yummy seafood rice

The Ecoramic Pit is clean, not charred mark after cooking

Dishes 2 - Tofu with Salted Cabbage Soup (Serve 2)

This is another simple vegetarian soup that my husband cooked. Using the new Ecoramic Pot, it take lesser time and he don't have to worry about overflow issue

1. 1 package of Silky Tofu, cut into cubes
2. 1 package of Salted Cabbage, sliced into small strips, keep the gravy that come with it
3. Few slices of Ginger
4. Few Cherry Tomatoes or 2 Tomatoes (Sliced into quarters)
5. Few pieces of Mock Chicken Nuggets.
6. 2 big leaves of ice berg lettuce
7. Small pinch of Pepper
8. Pinch of Sesame Oil

The water boils very fast

Step 1. Boil the water
Boils two and a half soup bowls of water (around 700ml). Add all the ingredients (except the mocked chicken nuggets and ice berg lettuce) to the pot and pour in the salted cabbage gravy when the water is boiled. 

Step 2. Boiled the ingredients and serve.
Prepare the bowls with the ice berg lettuce and mocked chicken nuggets evenly. When the soup is boiled (about 5 minutes) add some pepper and sesame oil, served the hot soup into the bowls. Final  touch, add some parsley, it is ready to serve. If the soup tasted bland, add some light soy sauce or salt to match your taste.
A simple soup both healthy and yummy

These are two easy recipes that anyone newbie can take up. This is the end of our demonstration on cooking the two simple dishes with Kitchen Arts Ecoramic Pot and Pans.

Final thoughts of using Kitchen Arts Ecoramic Pan
The Ecoramic Series of Pan & Pot is really light (Aluminium, useful for old folks), the colours are also very vibrant (Nice colour of Yellow, Green, Orange & Blue, like colours of kid's toy!) and really conduct heat fast! (Faster cooking). The vending hole on the lid drain away steam thus will not cause overflow like normal pans, good for cooking soup, porridge, etc. The ceramic coating on the pot and pans is really good, charred can easily slip off make cleaning a breeze, after a few cooking, the base of the pots and pans are still like new. This is a set of modern kitchenware to own.

Good ergonomic design of handle. 
The blue sides of the pots and pans are that, the double handle pots are not easy to handle even when handling with cotton gloves, you can still feels the heat. The Pan is better as it has a good ergonomic design and easy to handle. Although the vending hole conduct the steam away, I'm wondering if too much of the heat is conduct away, will there be enough trap and boil the food more like a pressure pan. Well, you can't have the best of both world wasn't it?

Thank you for sharing the happy moments with me. I have taken this picture from Vitasoy and like ot dedicated it to all busy mothers.

Before i end this entry, like to share a picture that my friend has sent me via iPhone. Could the design came out from the same Hong Kong Student who design the famous iMourn dedicated to Steve Jobs? Judge for yourself and give me a 10/10 if i entertained you well :)

The iFamily

iMourn, instant famous tribute design to honor the late Steve Jobs
by a Hong Kong Student 

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