Monday, 8 January 2018

Are You Digital Ready?

I believe most of you have come across the TV ads where Kym Ng and Suhaimi Yusof urging viewers to upgrade to Digital TV as simulated broadcast will end by 31 Dec 2018. (Phew! Not 31st Dec 2017!) Is your home Digital TV ready? Let go thru some FAQ

FAQ 1. Why do we need to switch to Digital TV Broadcasting (DVB)?

Bought a HD TV this 2 years? You use setup box like Mio or Starhub? Chance you have noticed your favorite programs are now much sharp, clear like the camera has close up. This the overall enhance visual and audio experience. In our Singapore terms, "Upgrade" lol!

Well, the truth is that our mobile wireless channels that provide our 3G/4G services have been clogged up. In order to provide faster, enhanced mobile experience, like mobile streaming on the go, the world as a whole is moving away from analogue to digital broadcasting. This allowing the governments to free up frequency spectrum use for analogue TV for new mobile services. For read up, visit Infocomm Media Development Authority website on Singapore's Roadmap to Digital TV.

FAQ2 Benefits of DVB?

-As mention in FAQ1, we can enjoy better quality viewing experience as the programs are broadcast in High Definition (HD) and some are even 3D.

-The audio experience is also enhanced example surround sound that can match cinema experience if you are able to get the right peripherals.

-Electronic Programme Guides (EPG), the next generation of teletext, something that was already available to the paid tv users subscribing to Mio and Starhub. EPG makes TV program guides in magazine and newspaper obsolete. Most new TV even have the function allows you to schedule the records of your favourite programs using EPG

-Learn a new language? Multi language subtitles maybe available to some programs. You can pick up a few korean words while watching your favorite Oppa dramas!

FAQ3 How do i know i am DVB ready?

Before you head out to your nearest mega store or online to scout for a new TV. Here are some checklist to check if your home is DVB/Digtial TV ready!

Checklist 1 You already have a Mio TV or Starhub TV subscription

You are the lucky one, you are not really affected by switching to DVB. But wait... ! What do i mean by "not really affected"? 

Let me explained. If you only have one TV in your home and it is connected to Mio TV and Starhub TV, you can still enjoy the free airing digital channel status quo. 

However, if you own more than one TV that is not connected to your Setup Box or if you unsubscribe from paid TV, you need to see other checklist below to be sure if you are ready for DVB / Digital TV.

Checklist 2. You bought a TV in the last 2 years with DVB T2 ready

You bought a nice 4K/HD/FHD TV in the last 2 years with the Digital TV ready or DVB T2 ready, definitely my TV is DVB ready! Or is it?

We bought a FHD LED TV with DVB T2 ready last year and we thought we are DVB ready. That is not true. I recalled the saleman asking us want to be the antenna which is optional when we are buying the TV and we opted out. YES, the catch here is antenna.

Without the antenna, you cannot received the free airing DVB Channels although your TV is DVB T2 ready. Not to worry if you do not purchase the antenna. We have done some reviews and we can share with you what type of antenna to purchase.

Checklist 3. We have an old TV without HDMI and/or not DVB T2 ready.

Do i have to subscribe to paid TV or change a new TV? My parent's TV is in such situation. Their TV does have HDMI but not DVB T2 ready. We both share the value, if the set is still working, we are not going to change it and there are cheaper alternatives than buying one decent 32" DVB T2 ready TV is just less than $250.

What you need is a DVB T2 Setup Box and DVB TV Antenna and you can convert your old TV to view DVB channels. Check out our review on the DVB T2 Setup Box below to find a suitable one to cater your needs.

FAQ4 I already have the DVB T2 Antenna. Am I ready?

When my cousin and I buy a DVB T2 antenna for our TV, we bought made a common mistake. Both of us bought an antenna that is zero powered (I bought an antenna with optional use of power adapter) and both antenna are the budget type but with long wire extension. 

Both of us thought that a long wire antenna can help to extend the antenna to position near the windows where the digital signal are strong as such we can enjoy the DVB benefits. The results, we can only watch some DVB channels and some channels are really too jittery that you are tried to watch the tv show in less than a minute. You are warned, you really need a power one to improve your viewing experience. Below are reviews are some antennas we bought.

4A. The Non Power DVB Antenna 

Above are 2 types of antennas that are non powered. The magnetic based Type A donned the worse signal reception of all DVB antenna.  Type B has better reception but it might not capture all free DVB Air Channels

4B Hybrid DVB Antenna

Both antenna have better reception in 4A when they are not powered. However that means the signal will be weak and channel will jitters.

I bought Gazz without the power adapter. The channels are horrible when no power is supplied. I managed to find a 12V power adapter from an discarding Open Net's (Now Net Link Trust) fiber modem. The TV programs are much better after the antenna are power up

4C Better Powered DVB Antenna

I bought Daiyo 1707, the curved shape powered antenna. Without putting in near the windows. I received a jitters free DVB programs. It is also blending in my TV console.

If you have more budget, you can tried the premium black powered DVB T2 Antenna or Funke LTE DVB T2 receiver

FAQ 5 What is DVB Set Top Box?

They are basically 2 type of DVB Set Top Box. One offers the basic recording and media playback capability. The other Set Top Box offers DVB T2 options like basic recording and incorporated xiaomi TV box android capability to install app and allows you to watch app link programs

Friday, 24 November 2017

My New Domestic Helper

The expressions on my hubby's face is priceless when he oversees the new "domestic helper" in action. His eyes glowed in amaze and give a good thumb sign. It is a far outcry a week ago, he uttered, "Don't waste my good money! It is just another white elephant....." 

My floor used to be sandy and every weekend, we used considerable quality rest time to clean and mop to make it smooth and sparkling. Since the arrival of our new domestic helper, we can enjoy quality time on weekends with our family members and friends. 

"M" is what we called our new robotic vacuum cleaner. For 5 times a week, this hardworking robot wakes at the pre-programmed schedule, starts to work on our floors when we are out for work. Thus when we stepped into the house, we no longer have the sandy feeling. This is really money well spent!

M has well-positioned side brush that reached difficult corners. It is fast and the suction is powerful. The rubber brush also helps to scrap nasty stain off the floor. Mop module can be added to M, allows the machine to sweep and mop at the same time. At the same, the built-in ultra-violent will eliminate the bacteria that stick to our floor and also filter with a HEPA filter dust. Yesterday, I emptied her "tummy". Gosh!  It cleans like our dust mite vacuum. 

(Warning! Photograph shows unsightly.)

M in action :D 

If you have top dollars to spend, grab Samsung Powerful Robot Vaccum Cleaner (see video below) instead. It has more features than M. Here is the breakdown, has well-positioned side brush that reached difficult corners. It is fast and the Verdict?
Get this online

I did look for brand like Samsung. They have one that built-in Artificial Intelligent, but price not right for me :( 

Wow! Maybe I should start saving up for this too :p 
You can get this from online

Online Purchase Links

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering of Lee Kuan Yew

 Thank you our founding father of Singapore. 

You create Singapore's hope and dreams. You did not stop here.

You continue to shape Singapore into better place. 

Your perseverance changes Singapore into thriving city.

From a tiny dot on the world map that barely can seen. Other countries, know Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore. You blossom Singapore.

We are known for Beautiful, Vibrant and Clean Singapore. 
Education hub, Infrastructure hub, Financial hub, Technology hub, Medical hub and etc.

It did not happen overnight.

Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

 Before I end here, please enjoy a Beautiful song that summaries Mr Lee had done for us. 

SuperbMothers & Team salute Mr Lee 
 Our sincere thoughts and deepest condolences are with the family of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bring Joy To Frail And Lonely Elderly This Lunar New Year

Hi everyone,

I am really sorry for not posting regularly as I was busy with hectic work for past months. I missed those wonderful dayz when I blogged often on Happycall.

This lunar new year filled with warmness and not forgetting delicious home-cooked new year dishes by love-ones. Will post photos soon ")

Sometimes, I was pondering we have great times with our love-ones, but how about those lone elderly or without family or their love-ones?? Quite sad :( 
I came to know that "Community Chest" in short "ComChest" continue their outreach for needy elderly. Thumb-up!

Through Qoo10 platform, I made several donations to elderly folks for this lunar new year. I believed that every donation help (Basic need) and because of everyone, elderly folks are not alone in this Lunar New Year.

The elderly man known as Uncle Charlie (Photo insert). He appeared cheerful. I watched his youtube clip. He played harmonica well.

Thank you for your generosity for bringing joy to Uncle Charlie and his friends during this Lunar New Year.

I wish everyone happiness, good health, good wealth and goat luck :D

Best Wishes,

Genuine ComChest Site (Pls read before you make any donation).
Make Donation to ComChest (Click the link)

Next post ~  Baken Project
Pls Stay Tune for review. Cookie Here I Come!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Creativity | Nostalgic | Reminiscing

Another year is nearly over and we want to thank you for your support. We hope you and your family have an wonderful Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year.

We look forward to continuing to provide you the most current information and best service throughout 2015!

Best Wishes,
(24 Dec 2014)

I done my spring cleaning at my parents' house. I found my childhood toys in the metal box, not those Barbie dolls or My Little Pony. My handmade toys brought me many reminiscing memories and nostalgic times. Most of my toys are origami based and folded by myself. Just being creativity, I made few of them as bookmarks too. But nowadays, children are savvy tech on iPad or Andriod tablet. Christmas is around the corner. I have been scouting for gifts for children. I believe hand-on toys are better for children as they can build up cognitive skills, imagination and creativity. Parents can bond with their children in playing too. 

Thanks to Qoo10 platform and I found this interesting and creativity 3D Handicrafts for children. No scissor require for this handicrafts. So, mummy, it is safe for children to DIY by themselves. I simply adore the 3D penguin. :D Thumb-up for this handicrafts. 

Figure out what is this? Toy. 
Answer: children potty. Yes, potty.
Where to buy? Qoo10

Best toys - LEGO

Before I scout for Christmas gifts, I like to share an interesting video on Dolphin via my friend's whatapp sharing. Enjoy!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Pre-Loved Item Donation - Pass It On

Festivals around the corner. I started declutter my home and kitchen for the Chinese New Year. Some of the items I have, still new or in good condition. Throwing it away seems a waste :(
Somehow, I came across a Pre-loved Item donation website – ‘Pass It On’.

'Pass-It-On' provides a web platform by channeling the donated items to the needy under the Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs), examples, Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres care. Anyone, within Singapore, can donate their pre-loved items, as long as the items are useful and of good working condition. 
It is a great way to recycle clothing, furniture, household goods, electronic devices, toys and books, while helping those in needs. Also a form of declutter your home. 
So, if you have old or unwanted items that are still in good condition, consider giving them to someone or  donating them to Pass It On.
Pass It On is a Central CDC initiative that allows the public to donate unwanted household items in good working condition to (VWOs). The site was managed by The Helping Hand.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hey S'pore, We Are Prepared This Time

I believe this time round, all of us are geared with necessary preparation for haze. For those, not yet or not knowing what should be prepared. Fret not!

Read the earlier post - for necessary preparation. Stay pink and always be happy :). Remember to drink more fluids and have nice bath to fight humid weather. Invest one good fan to cool the room, it works! (Save electricity) Lastly, boil green bean soup to clear heatiness.
Easy to prepare & boil, aids in detoxification and cooling effect. Cheap and good.

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My niece recommended me a pair of slipper ~ Havaianas. To me, it was just a pair of ordinarily slipper..... I tried her slipper. Humm...Better than my current slipper from GIANT..... (I hardly wear it as it cause friction and subsequently blister to my side of the toes and cost almost the same).

Havaianas slipper is light-weight and vibrant colours. Of cos, I am overwhelmed with spoilt of choices.

There's another design Havaianas - Fresh Look

Havaianas Cool flip flops



Well, I ended up buying myself with 4 pairs of them. :p Bring them to Phuket vacation. Yipee :D

Tenha um bom dia! (Have a nice day!)