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Ecoramic Pots Recipe ~ Green Bean Soup

This is an easy Chinese soup dessert that is cooling and sweet, which is suitable for the perpetual hot weather in Singapore. Green beans aka ‘mung beans’ are considered by Chinese as a ‘cooling’ food, and some believe it is a good natural alternative home remedy for acne. I just love boiling this because it is so low price, easy and tasty. Some love the look and texture of sago but this is optional. Tips: "Green bean soup is cooling, while red bean soup is 'heaty' food".
Chinese Green Bean Soup
Ingredients (Serves 4)
- 100g green beans (aka mung beans) – soaked overnight, rinsed and drained (w/o Ecoramic Pots) If you own one, you do not need to soaked overnight...
- 2 pandan (screw pine) leaves, dried ends cut, tied in a knot
- 2 litres water
- 50g rock sugar, to taste (your own sweetness)
- 3 small pieces (10g) of dried orange (tangerine) peel (optional)
- 80g canned or vacuum-packed lotus seeds or ginkgo nuts (optional)

1. In Ecoramic pot, add green beans, 2 litres water, dried orange peel and pandan leaves. Bring to a boil.
2. Once water boiling, add green beans. Top up with hot water at any time if necessary.
3. To speed up cooking of green bean soup, place a porcelain spoon in the pot to cook together with the green beans.
4. Stir in rock sugar (to taste) until the sugar is dissolved. Discard orange peel slices and pandan leaves. 
5. Serve warmed or chilled.
Serve warmed or chilled

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