Monday, 19 September 2011

Happycall Pan - FAQ

Dear Busy Mums,

I believe many busy mums have already read my blogs on Happycall Pan. I received some questions from some busy mums and wishes i could answered them so as to aid their decision on buying the Happycall Pan. I will share some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) here. Cheers :)
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Q2. How many types and how to choose the right HappyCall pan for me?
Q3. Does the Happycall pans leaks?
Q4. Where can i buy Happycall Pan?
Q5. Where to download English Happy Call Pan Manual?
Q6. Where to read Happycalls Pan reviews?
Q7. Where to find Happycall Pan recipes?
Q8. How to spot a fake HappyCall Pan?
Q9. Can i use Happycall Pan on induction Cooker?

Q1. What are the benefits of HappyCall Pan?

The best answer lies in the video. See is always believing. A quick summary is provided below.

Summary of Benefits for HappyCall Pan
  • No more oily and messy kitchen! (It does not spills!)
  • No more smoke and odour!
  • Cleans easily! (No more scrubbing, even better than Tefal!)
  • Cook fast! Far Infrared (Yes! Cooking frozen food straight out of freezer!)
  • Cook healthier food! (Grilled. Less or no oil!)
  • So Easy to use, instant chef overnight for newbie! (Just place the food in, flipped and Viola!)
Q2. How many types and how to choose the right Happy Call pan for me?

Basically there are 7 basic types of Happycall double sided pressure flip pan. Also known as Flip 'N' Cook,  Chefel (An export version mainly sold in US, Europe, is detachable and has grills at the lower pan) and and ZuanJ (Chinese division). The latest series is now Ocher. There are also new Happycall products but not  yet available in Singapore. We will get hold of the new series in June 2012.

Standard Features
  • FDA approved, Dow Corning's food grade Silicon Tubing (Common known as sealer or rubber) and grooved rim to prevent leaking when flipping. 
  • Ceratinium Coating (Ceramic & Titanium Coating) for low nutrient lose cooking & shorten cooking time, more resistant to abrasion & corrosion coating.
  • Strong magnetic lock to the pan to prevent leaking and opening up of pan when flip.
  • Hook holes in handle. (Not available for earlier and domestic version)
Type 01 - Standard Happy Call Pan

  • Also known as basic happycall pan, new happycall pan or standard happycall pan.
  • Standard happycall pan is use in video demos, YouTube or Channel U Home Shopping .
  • Easy to use for newbie or small family of 4.
  • Lady friendly weight version (1.5~1.6Kg)
  • Can cook a 2kg chicken in it.
  • 3 layers of Ceratinium Coating (Refer to standard features for details) 
Type 02 - Thin HappyCall Pan

  • Grilling thin items like cuttle fish, pantries, etc. (See above, a picture means a thousand words)
Type 03 - Deeper HappyCall Pan

  • Cooks larger serving of food.
  • 2cm deeper than standard Happycall Pan.
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating (Refer to standard features for details)
  • Slightly heavier (1.7Kg), i use both of my hands to handle it, so it is still ok.
Type 04 - Jumbo Happy Call Pan

  • Heavy weight pan. (Almost 1.9Kg)
  • 3 Circle rings
  • 4 Layers of Ceratinium Coating (Refer to standard features for details)
  • Can cooked a feast!
  • A new variant has grill lines similar to Jumbo Grills, no 3 rings that encircle the Happycall word 
New Version - Ocher

  • Latest Version
  • Look like Chefel (US, Europe Export Version)
  • Coated with 5 Layer of Ceratinium (Ocher Deeper only) plus Ocher (Loess, Brown Clay) which is for better food tasting, health and stronger prevention of abrasion.
  • Deeper and Jumbo size (Jumbo has grills so non oily will not chars and extra oil will be drain for oily food)
  • Heavy (1.7~1.9Kg )
  • Some of the vendors in Gmarket offers it.
Q3. Does the Happy Call pan leaks?
  • Earlier version does leaks.
  • The newer version has the silicon tubing (sealer) should not leaks.
  • Silicon tubing (sealer) does wear and tear as mention in the manual, do order some extra sealers.
  • Steam escapes thru the ventilating hole at the back of the pan, do not tilt the pan to the back.

Q4. Where can i buy Happycall Pan?

There many vendors selling HappyCall Pan. If you are particular about product warranty, you may want to engage your local seller or distributor but it is usually more costly. (A list of online vendors are included at the end of this question).

I bought mine from South Korea thru Gmarket's vendors, the price is almost 40% cheaper than the retail on on commercial TV. Some of the Gmarket's vendors also ship internationally. Click here to access the list of HappyCall vendors in Gmarket. Do look at the customers' feedbacks of the vendor before you buy.

Example of Gmarket Vendors Goods and Reviews
Also read the Vendors Gmarket's QnA, this will give you a good impression whether the vendor delivers good product or simply painting a nice picture. Some vendors has plenty of premium reviews but the numbers only reflects total premium reviews has commented on the product not really an indicator they are good vendors. 

Best Bargain on Gmarket (By Popular Demand)
Some busy mums are worry about the buying at Gmarket. Who to buy? Which are selling genuine goods? I will updated if possible, everyday the best Happycall bargain from Gmarket. (I know one or two vendors offer a bit lower price but they are new with no feedback, so i don't recommends) You can find the bargain on the top right corner of this blog. 

List of Happy Call Vendors
A. Amazon (US)
B. Homeshop 18 (India)
C. Taobao (China)
D. Gmarket (Singapore, Korea, International)
E. ST Essential (Singapore, US)
F. HappyCall (Korea)
G. Lejel (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea)
H. Superbmothers Happycall Spree

List of Errand Vendors
1. **miles - Gmarket
Selling genuine pan, tell buyers to beware intimation, yet **miles are selling non happycall sealers. Looking at **miles Q&A and Premium reviews, list of backlogs and negative comments. Avoid this vendor.

**miles claims their sealer is from happycall

Q5. Where to download Happycall Pan English Manual?

If you buy directly from South Korea, chances you will only received the Korean manual, below are links to get the English and Chinese Version.

Happycall English Manual
Happycall Chinese Manual | 中文

Q6. Where to read Happycalls Pan reviews?
You can find many short reviews thru forums, blogs and videos. Here are some links which you like to take a look.

Happy Call - Pop Corn Redefined!
Happy Call - Love Redefined!
Happy Call - The First Look
My New Toy - The Happy Call Pan
Happy Call Pan Special 47% Discount Bargain
HappyCall HappyMe
HappyCall - Cooking Vegetable (Updated)

Kiasu Parents
Singapore Motherhoods

Yong Tau Foo Part 1
Yong Tau Foo Part 2
HappyCall Vegetable
Chefel Happycall (Flip n Cook)Video
Chinese Happycall (Flip n Cook)Video
Indian HappyCall Video

Q7. Where to find Happycall Pan recipes?

Since our post on Oct 2011, many recipes has spawn as many busy mums have contribute their personal online. We updated some sites for Happycall recipes, notable Munching Ministry by Mama Bless and friend which has many step by step video for many good food.

B. Pop Corn Redefined!
C. Happy Call - Love Redefined!
D. Happy Call - The First Look
E. Happy Yummies by MamaBliss Pan - (Plenty of local dishes)
F. Mums Love Cooking
G. HappyCall HappyMe
H. Quick Bread
I. HappyCall - Cooking Vegetable (Updated)
J. Munch Ministry
K. Food Recipes by Ellen (Cuisine Paradise)

The Chef Secret Recipes

Q8. How to spot a fake happycall pan?
  • Authentic Happycall Pan are from South Korea, never OEM from China.
  • We have started a new post on fake Happycall, you can read it from here
  • SQ's Blog is another reference page on earlier fake Happycall Pan.
Official Korea Website :
Official Chinese Website :

Q9. Can i use HappyCall Pan on induction cooker?

HappyCall Dual Pan cannot be use on induction cooker. Happycall is make of die cast aluminum, induction cooker only work with ferrous made pan like Stainless Steel. Even if you really can get it to start, it will take up too long to heat up. 
Happycall Electromagnetic Cooker
My Personal Overall Reviews on HappyCall Pan

Happycall double sided pressure flip pan is a life saver for me. I am quite fortunately growing up in a family where my parents just want my sister and I to focus on our study and do not want us to help in kitchen. When I got married, i am really scare to cook as i afraid i will not cook as well as my husband (He really cooks wonderful food). Happycall pan reignites my cooking instinct as a woman. It is so easy to cook, healthy and no more messy grease, smoke and odours. 

I love cooking food for my husband

My aunt also bought a happycall pan, she love to cook. She commented, when she was cooking fried food and cooking, it is enjoyable, but not the mess you need to clean up later. Now she have the Happycall pan, she can enjoys cooking again, she is buying another two more happycall pans for her sister. It is a modern kitchenware that will help you to save time as you need more cleaning now and the family can enjoy good grilled food. Get your HappyCall Pan from Gmarket's vendor here today!

For those busy mums, the happycall pan is an asset and assistant for us. It will definitely help you to regain some lost time with your love one.

 New HappyCall Spree Organized by SuperbMothers Coming Soon!
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Best Regards

Savvy Mummy   


  1. Hi I saw one but without hole in handle --> is this a fake one or an older version? Am about to buy and would appreciate advice. Thanks.

  2. Hi ho, the standard happycall pan have 2 versions, the one with and without the hole. ( aunt bought fr Lejel is without the hole, a bigger happycall word imprinted on the handle, same as official website. But if you probe further, the product page show the standard pan with hole and small imprint of happycall on the handle. I'm updating the latest best bagain daily on the top right corner of my blog if you are finding a good vendor

  3. Hi, I am glad to chance upon your blog on happycall recipes =) I bought my HC pan from Gmarket. do you have a picture of how the hologram on the internal wrapping paper look like? Thanks.

  4. hi Crystal, thank you for writing in my blog. I have the hologram picture for Happycall, however, I can only post it in my flickr ( or you may see it on my fanpage ( for the picture. Hope it clear your doubt. :D

  5. the handle with the hole is not authentic?

    1. Yes it is authentic. Handle with holes are korea domestic version

  6. thank you soooo much for all this valuable information. I want to buy a pan and this helps a lot!

  7. Hi when is your next spree going to be? Am interested to order one. Thks

  8. Spree is close door for dec, you can email us your order according to

  9. My happycall orcher deeper is only 1.65kg. Should it be 1.9kg?Did I buy a fake one?please reply . Thanks

    1. Ocher deeper is around ~1.7kg, so the weight is ok

  10. Hi, I've been using happy call for food frying. just yesterday I noticed my happy call, the inner surface , one tiny patch is peeling off. I find it the quality just like the normal teflon non stick pan. what should i do? am i got the fake happy call?
    Thanks for sharing the happy call info.

  11. hi mm, sorry for the late reply, wear and tear is possible for happycall pan depending on how you cook and wash it. The easiest way to check is to follow go, search for How to spot Fake Happycall, follow the picture to do a check. else you can always send us a photo so we can help u check

  12. Hello. I see that the HPC will not work on induction ovens, but what if you used an "induction disk?" These disks are made specifically to heat pans that are not made of steel or iron on an induction oven. Do you know if that would work or not, please?

    1. of course, it will work theoretically. induction work on magnetism ie, iron base pot. if the disk is made of iron based, induction cooker will detect the disk and work and heat can be transfer to the non iron based pot. Whether the heat transfer is good, that is another case. btw, can you share where to buy the disk, some reader might want to get it.

  13. Hi mm! Am from Malaysia and bought a HPC from groupon website.. Not sure if its original as the weight and measurements seems off from what is provided on the info page. Can you help me confirm?

    Wish I saw your page earlier before I bought this!

    Have yet to receive the actual pan itself but it was shipped from China!

  14. Hi I am from HK and probably bought the same pan that Mayaves has - also from the Groupon HK website recently. Its the basic pan and I bought it for HK$168.

    I read your very well written and informative FAKE vs REAL Happy Call pan review which was excellent but I was quite alarmed because it sure looks like my rivets are not darker but the same colour as the red coating and definitely my box type is the picture C that you identified in your website. No hologram either. And I can't recall if my sticker in the inside of the pan was pasted straight or crooked.

    I used it for the first time today very successfully but I was shocked when the rubber seal came loose during cooking which I thought was extremely strange. I had no idea that there were FAKE and REAL Happy Calls till I read your site. However I would be very surprised if GROUPON in HK and MALAYSIA would sell a fake product. Mayaves if you are reading this please share your experience with me.

    I want to know: how and where to get a replacement seal and is the seal supposed to come loose during cooking? Do we need to glue it? When washing the pan - do we remove the seal to clean?

    Thanks Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine, don't glue the sealer to the pan, it will created more toxic as the sealer is on the top pan!. Sealer replacement should be easy available in department stall in hk that sells happycall pan. Alternative, you can go to qoo10 website or tmall office happycall website to purchase. if you need the link, you can email us

    2. Hi Elaine
      You have described all my issues with my HappyCall pan. Getting the seal to stay in is a major issues. The spare one was way too short. The pan did not seal and I was offered a replacement. It has same problems so sadly I think we were sold fakes.

  15. is the gmarket one on the top right of ur blog authentic? because i see the price is 54.90 whereas lejel selling for 108?

    1. Lejel, Isetan, Courts are local distributor for happycall. There will be some markup to cover the advertisements space on TV. Where else the qoo10 ads which is placed by our advertiser direct import from korea, therefore the price is lower. BTW lejel has reduce the price of standard pan.

  16. Hi there, has the HCP recommended on the top right corner of this blog been checked for authenticity?

    1. The ads placed by our advertiser has been screened thru before placing on our blog. We do random checked after the ads are placed. If the ads is from Qoo10, you have some doubts, look thru their recent feedbacks before you purchased.

  17. hi, I used my happy call pan for the first time to bake some sweet potatoes. after cooking and cleaning, I found some marks (black residue) on the inner non-stick coating. I tried cleaning but it wouldn't come off. May I know how to clean it? does it cause damage to the coating?

  18. Hi Jess,

    There are actually a few kinds of marks that can be left on the pan.

    Char marks that are hardened - This type of marks are mostly on the exterior, usually stain marks from sauces that are baked. If it happens on the exterior, it will be very difficult to clean especially after some time as the exterior ceramic coating is lesser. The pan need to be heated up (preferably not on the char spot), used toothbrush with detergent, scrubbed with some force to remove it. For interior, heated it up with some water added with detergent, or soaked the spot with water (soaked for 15 mins), you can easily clean it.

    There are also charred marks in the interior that cannot be removed, as the ceramic layer is “over cocked” aka damaged. It is rare unless you left the pan unattended under high temperature for quite some time.

    Unless you scrub it with reasonable heavy force and using cleaning sponges that are rough. The coating should be fine.

    Hope this answered your queries.

  19. I have read that the HCP can not be used in an induction system But can the HCP be used on an electric stove? Please advice

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  22. Is it ok to use the happy call without the rubber seal? Please advise. Thanks

  23. Can you use happy call on electric stove?

  24. WOW!!!!!Great thing!!Thank you for sharing with us? Does it appropriate for every kind of ovens? For example if I use cooktop surface like this can I buy this pan? You know that some kind of cooktop needs special cookware so can you tell if it possible for me to cook in it on induction cooktop?

  25. The die-cast pan has stainless-steel handle with bakelite hold and In german non-stick covering. The efficient stress heat enhance stress inside the pan, the rubber packaging stops smoke and smell, the plug and safety pin joins the higher and the lower pan and the exterior oil recipient gathers cleared oily oil from the higher pan during food preparation. The stress quit helps water loss. You can cook from both the sides of the pan.

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  26. You have provided such great information I really love that! Keep up trying well….
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  27. I've had one of these for years and that's the best spent money on cookware so far. I love homemade lobster and it's perfect for it!

    best stainless steel cookware

  28. Hi. I love the happy call pan. SoUchida that I use again and again. The carbon marks do not go away on the exterior. And I am so afraised to ruin the beautiful green exterior.