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SM Fan Sharing - Papaya Soup With Pork Spare-Ribs

Savvy Mummy likes to thanks Mummy Hilda for sharing her soup recipe. Looks Yummy and Appetizing. Mummy Hilda's slogan ~ "I Cook, They MUST Eat" :D

Among Asians, cooking papaya often is cooked in sweet soups (usual cooking method is to use ripe papaya for sweet soups and unripe papaya for salty soups). Many mums buy unripe papaya for soup with pork spare ribs for their young adolescent daughters (It supposedly PROMOTES breast development). There is also old folks' saying, having papaya soup for breast-feeding mums who aren't producting enough milk. Boiling papaya with cooked pork feet and other vegetable ingredients. Or Stir-fry papaya with sliced pork as a regular meal dish. Nurtrient and healthy dish (Vitamin and protein). 

Mummy Hilda's Soup Recipe ~Papaya Soup with Pork Spare-Ribs

Ingredients :
1 medium size not too ripe papaya, slightly green
Seedless red dates
Pork spare ribs
Dried cuttlefish
Dried scallops
Salt to taste

Here Is The Steps.
Step 1 - Wash papaya, peanut, peel papaya and get rid of its seeds and then cut it into pieces (not too small).
Step 2 - Quick-boil pork ribs in boiling water to get rid of its flavour of meat.
Step 3 - Boil 8 bowls of water until boiling, put red dates, dried cuttlefish, dried scallops, papaya pieces, peanut and pork ribs in and then boil with fierce heat for 20 minutes. Then flavour with salt.

Soup Of The Day - Papaya Soup With Pork Spare-Ribs

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