Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Relax Therapy - Part 1; Essential Oils

Thank you Fan (Mummy Grace), for asking on Essential oil topics and willingly to share tips of usage on essential oil. Ok, Superbmothers done research on it via reading books and asking aromatherapist experts. Of cos, all mums can contribute by sharing via 'comment' space. (No rude, offensive and hurtful comment via 'comment' space. Thank you for co-operation).

Essential oils are highly fragrant, pure, concentrated and volatile oils which have been extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, skins of fruits, barks of trees and other plant matter. These natural fragrances are used for health and beauty since the times of ancient Greece. The aromatic component in essential oils is useful in maintaining bodily functions are refreshing the state of mind.

Generally, the varieties of essential oils can be classifies into 7 strains of fragrances. And there are 3 techniques for extracting these oils which are by using steam to extract the oil component (steam distillation technique), extraction by expression from fruits skins (cold press technique) and by using volatile medium for  extraction (solvent extraction technique). Amongst these, oils expressed by cold press technique deteriorate easily and it is important to use it up quickly. As essential oils are volatile and weak to light and heat, they are filled in green colored opaque bottles to block direct sunlight.

Once again, thank you Mummy Grace. Have a blessed Xmas 2011.

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