Saturday, 24 December 2011

HappyCall Recipe ~ Quick Meal

This is my proper meal after two days of hectic, 'stressing' and cold. More to share what we had done during the past two days...... Stay tune for more details in coming posts.

How do I cook this Quick meal

1) Noodle (I bought no frills from Cold Storage, Mushroom flavour)
2) Leftovers bacon
3) Egg
4) Curry powder

1) Fill 1/4 water into HCP and start fire. Closed lid.
2) About 30secs, put noodle into boiling water
3) Add bacon (or your own preference items). Closed lid.
4) Another 30secs, add water accordingly (soup based or dry based, as you wish)
5) Add egg into boiling water
6) Add curry powder (your preference). Closed lid for a min.
7) Scoop noodle and ingredient into bowl or plate
Ready To Serve
Took 2 mins to cook. Thank you 
Happycall. (Seriously, I am waiting for it to spoilt so that I can get Orcher Deeper.)

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