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SuperbMothers Happycall Spree 02 - 22 Nov - 28 Nov

Thank You! The Spree is Closed!
Sorry the spree has ended, if you still want to order, pls email us. We will consolidated the orders.
Thank you for the those who have ordered. We have received your order and is processing.

Dear Mums, we love your donation. Just a gentle reminder, pls choose a nick matching to your order’s name when you do iBanking. We don’t mind having new pan for X’mas and New Year.  :p

SuperbMothers 2nd Happycall Spree

Dear new and current spree buyers. We thank you for support and understanding to make the 1st spree a success. In fact we have 5 waves of orders in the first spree. Thanks you very much! We will continue strife to do better.

What's New & Changes

-New products, Kitchenart's Ecoramic Pan (4 in1 plus Steamer) and Neoflam's Midas 9 in 1.
-Type B HCP Standard (Handle without Hook Hole) New Price $60
-Orders for HCP Sealers $6/pack (1 pack = 2 sealers) (Valid for purchase with pan only)
-Order Form for placing orders.
-There will be two placements for order. One in the mid and one at the end of the spree. This will allow our supplier to carry out the ordering more efficiently. Once the MOQ has reached, those who have paid in  advance will automatically added in the placement. Late payment will automatically join the next placement.

Types of Pan & Rates

1. Type A - HCP Standard (Red) New Version with Hook Hole - $62
2. Type B - HCP Standard (Red) Old Version without Hook Hole - $60 (New Rates)
3. Type C - HCP Ocher (Brown) Deeper - $68
4. Type D - HCP Ocher (Brown) Jumbo - $82
5. Type E - Kitchenart Ecoramic Pan 4 in 1 + Steamer - $146 (New!)
6. Type F - Neoflam Midas 9 in 1 - $136 (New!)

Type A - HCP Standard (Red)
Korea Domestic Version with Hook Hole - $62 

  • Newer version of Happycall Pressure Pan, with Hook Hole on Handle
  • Lightest of all Happycall Pan, 1.6Kg
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(Max 2Kg), Serve 4 persons
Type B - HCP Standard (Red) 
Handle with Hook Hole - $60 

  • Older version of Happycall Pressure Pan, with NO Hook Hole on Handle
  • Lightest of all Happycall Pan, 1.6Kg
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Most Popular Model, Same as the one sold by Lejel, Home TV Shopping, Channel U
  • Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(Max 2Kg), serve 4 person

Type C - HCP Ocher Deeper (Brown) 
Korea Domestic Version with Hook Hole - $68 

  • Newer version of Happycall Pressure Pan, Brown in Colour
  • Same dimension as Happycall Deeper (Red)
  • 5 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Reduce odour and more resistive to corrosion and abrasion
  • Weight is 1.7Kg but same price as Happycall Deeper Pan (Red)
Type D - HCP Ocher Jumbo (Brown) 
Korea Domestic Version with Hook Hole - $82 

  • KingKong Version of Happycall, Brown in Colour
  • Heavy weight Champion, 1.9Kg!
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Reduce odours 
  • Grills threads to drain away excess oils and give a nice grills for food.
  • Ideal Double Sided Pressure Pan except for the weight!
TYPE E - Kitchenart New Ecoramic Pan 4 in 1 Set
w/ Stainless Steamer - $146

  • POFA Free
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Aluminium - High Heat Conductivity : Shorter Cook Time
  • Far Infra-Red : Ingredients cook evenly.
  • Fast Cooking : Minimize destruction of nutrients
  • Easy Washing
  • Light Weight (6.2Kg-Whole Set)
  • Stand-able Boil-Proof Glass Lid

TYPE F - Neoflam Midas 9 in 1 Set
  • PFPA & PTFE Free
  • Magic Steam Hole
  • Detachable Handle
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Good Thermal Transfer
  • Plastic Lid for storage in fridge
  • Non-Stick
  • Can be use in Oven
Free Gifts
Happycall Pan

  • Free Delivery to your home / office
  • 1 Pack of Sealer (1 Pack = 2 Sealers)
  • Bulk order (More than 5 pans) will get a free gift  from our Supplier.
  • Copied English / Chinese Manual

Pack of Sealer has 2 Pieces of Sealers

Ecoramic Pans / Midas

  • Free Delivery to your home / office
  • Bubble warping
  • Eurasia Shipping from Korea, Local EMS or TAQBIN to Doorstep
  • Delivery takes 6-7 working days and 10-14 working days for peak period after placement.
  • Tracking Number will be informed when goods arrived in Singapore.
Order & Payments
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 30 is required to before order is placed.
  • SMS & Email for payment will be sent out when MOQ is reached
  • Payment will only be made when MOQ is reached.
  • Once payment is fully collected, order will be placed on next working day
  • Others inquiries, lease email to mummyissavvy@gmail.com .
    As this is a direct imported from Korea. There is "No Warranty", it you are looking for a waraanty pan, you can contact Lejel which provide a local 1 Year Warranty

    However broken pan, missing item or wrongly delivered item, please do take a picture of it email or MMS, we will access and help you to do 1:1 exchange. We have plenty of Ocher Deeper & HCP Standard without hook in stock and small quantity of HCP Standard with Hook & HCP Ocher Jumbo in Stock for exchange.

    We have two suppliers for the Happycall spree. Type A, C & D are from the same vendor, they only deals with domestic Happycall version. Type B (The handle without hook), we are using another vendor which deals only with all the Red series Happycall except Type A. Both are South Korea vendors.

    Ecoramic & Midas are using different suppliers from Happycall Pan.

    Authenticity of Product
    Our Happycall Photo
    Happycall Ocher Deeper
    Original Happycall Ocher Deeper on Kitchen Scale 
    Pre Spree Check
    The source for spree supplier started early October. We screened and order the happycall pans from prospect suppliers. After we checked their delivery and pan quality then we approached them to provide pan for spree.  

    Domestic Happycall Pans Sold in Departmental Store

    How to Spot Fake Happycall
    1. How to spot a fake happycall by Superbmothers (Happycall FAQ)
    2. Fake Happycall? contributed by SQYong.
    3. New Fake Happycall vs Genuine Happycall by Superbmothers

    Spree Payment Details
    • Transfers Account : POSB Current Account, 702-12247-3
    • Spree Email: mummyissavy@gmail.com
    • Internet Banking Transfer Preferred. Indicate your name and surface (e.g Angela Chua)
    • Once ATM transfers is done, please SMS us at 8234 8479 with us your Name, Amount Transfer, Transfer Time, Transaction Code for easy tracking.
    • Internet Banking Transfer from DBS / POSB need not to sms us as your infos will be capture.
    • Other internet banking transfer make take 3 working days to confirm your orders.
    Thanks you for placing orders with us, do bookmark this page, all spree announcement for this spree, it will be at Spree Announcement Page. Alternatively, you can visit us at Kiasu Parent Forum Spree Page


    Savvy Mummy


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    3. Hi savvy mummy,
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