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Modern Kitchenware - Kitchen Art Ecoramic

Modern Mums are very difference from the woman at our mother's era. Today, a modern mum needs to juggle between career and family. We are very capable but not wonder woman! It is just too tiring after sometime if we try to be one. 

In today blog, i am reviewing a modern kitchenware that will aid a modern busy mum. I believe many busy mums will have encountered this before, we overcooked the food and end up having to scrub all evening to clear away the carbon waste. If the damage is fatal, even our expensive tefal will end up in the waste bins. 

I came across the Kitchenart's Ecoramic Ceramic Pots & Pans when i was doing my research on HappyCall pressure pan. The Ecoramic Pot & Pans series is just an eye opener for me. (If i have known it earlier, my housewarming gifts will be those). The Youtube video above is not the highest quality available. I manage to find a clearer one (below) but it is in silent mode, but should be clear enough to understand how it works.

Among the benefits as we have seen in the video, it is natural ceramic coated which means it is safe and health. It cooks fast because of good thermal heat transfer. The Ecoramic series is also easy to clean and wash and we don't to worry about scrubbing the carbon waste now, it is just as easy as a wipe just like the Happycall pan.

The well design lids for pouring broth and the unique handles prevent overflowing which means we don't to clean the stove for spills overs. This translates to saving of time and money. 

The TV commercial company, Lejel in Singapore, is selling a set of four plus the extra bonus steamer for S$248. In time of uncertainly, if we can save a little of money more for hard time ahead, why not? 

I search in Gmarket for the same offer. Although there aren't many vendors selling, but most of them are selling around 30% cheaper. (Last check Ecoramic is S$140 for set of four pots and pans, if add the extra steamer cost around S$25, the total is S$165) The Gmarket's vendors also provide new generation that include a stand-able lid which stands and will not be scathed by the steam around the handle. This feature is not sold in Lejel's offer.

The drawback for this Ecoramic Ceramic Pot Series like many modern kitchenware that is make up of die cast aluminium, is not suitable for induction cooker as they are not ferrous. (Induction cooker requires the kitchenware to contain ferrous material like stainless steel and steel to work. You can easily test it with a magnet, if the magnet does not stick or attach to the base of the testing pot or pan, the kitchenware is not suitable for induction cooker.) They are rare cases that certain induction cooker works with aluminium kitchenware but they usually take a longer time to cook. Those using only induction cooker will have to give this wonderful product a miss.   

Accompany with many benefits, the Ecoramic Cermaic Pans and Pots are worth to try, as it cost as low as S$49 per pot. It is very affordable and cost lesser than some other kitchenware. Here is the link for the list of vendors in Gmarket

We wishes that we have introduce all busy mum a good helper and see you in the next blog.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Can I ask a favor from you to test if a magnet can stick to the base of the pot? This is because not all aluminium can be used on the induction stove and the only way to know is to test with a magnet. Thanks!

  2. Hi evon, i have done the magnet test, the based of the pot is not magnetic. Aluminum based pots like Ecoramic is not an ideal pot for induction cooker as most of the induction cooker are design for ferrous based. It will take longer for ecoramic pot to heat up via induction method. Having say that, did not know whether the anion layer will have a positive effect on the cooking. If i have new update, i will update on this post.

  3. Hi! So glad that you are here to help busy mum like us. So you have all the wonderful "helpers" now ,so amazing. BTW can I check with you is the ecoramic pot (4 nos.) that you had purchased heavy as compare to the nomal steel pot. Can you advice what is the weight of the pots with lid-on. Thanks.
    ( I think there is a total weight stated on the delivery slip )

  4. hi popcorn, i am comparing the ecoramic with this few pot about the same capacity, high grade stainless pot from my in law, normal stainless pot and vision glass pot. Ecoramic is lighter. I recalled the overall weight for the postage is 6.9kg. Hope this help, i do not have a scale at home, so i can't tell you the exact weight of each pan/pot

  5. hi ,

    just wondering with a ht of only 8.3 cm for the orange pot and if I were to use it like a wok , will it be too small and the items gets spilled out when Im stir frying due to the low height ? Im actually contemplating if I should get this or the neoflam one ?

    Pls advise

  6. Hi justme,

    actually depending on the content you have, 8.3 cm is actually quite short if you have a lot of food. Furthermore, the handles is make of aluminum so it gets quite hot even if you used cotton gloves. I will reckon you to take a look at diamond happycall pan or the neoflam series, I actually aiming to buy the midas series http://tinyurl.com/42popfx

  7. Hi have you done a comparison between
    Neoflam midas and kitchen art? Please share your comments, thanks!

  8. For Those who interesting to buy Neoflam Midas 9Pcs set , I just want to share my bad Experience this morning ! I bought mines Midas 9pcs set from Gmarket on 07 Mar 2012 , delivered 5 days later to my door step on 13 March 730pm , I feel very happily to checking all product quality ,sad that I found 20cm & 24cm pan total got 3 deep scratches and 4 small in two pans , anyway seller was good to promised replace 2 pan to me .well,this morning 18Mar2012 I revieved the 2 pan replacement at 1025am , here is the problem again the 20cm Casserole still with 2 deep scratches ! but the 24cm Low Casserole is come with perfect coating.. I was send the picture to the seller again after taking a photo , and request for the 20cm casserole change . but the seller replied me :

    [Re] Deep scartch mark on 24cm Midas pan .

    Welcome Guest
    You are kidding me right now, do you?
    2 pan was shipped yesterday.
    However, it is strange that already received.
    And, deep scratch has never sent the product.
    The first products sent to you will be checked carefully.
    We are not stupid. Of course, the normal product or need to replace the product, and it is a loss.
    Today you take a picture of 2 pan received please send
    All boxes and packing products
    Please send me email : xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Mar 18, 2012
    [Re] Deep scartch mark on 24cm Midas pan .

    Hi Seller , I will not at Sg on 19/03 Monday and 20/03 Tuesday and maybe Wednesday . I am worry about the 2 pans exchange .. can you please arrange them to come on thurday for safe ? thank you so much for your help =)

    Mar 18, 2012
    [Re] Deep scartch mark on 24cm Midas pan .

    dear customer
    we sent 2pans last friday
    but we can't adjust delivery schedule because of overseas shipping
    if you are not at home, they will visit again
    thank you

    how will you feel after you receiving such replied from seller ? if they do carefully check , why I can found 7 scratches easily with my eyes and camera can took a clear scratch mark pic ? when I ask for replacement delivery date and seller said it already send out on last friday( 16Mar2012), but when I feedback the 20cm replacement casserole still with 2 scratch mark then the seller reply me just ship yesterday 17/03 ! I feeling irritating to this seller ! seem like push the wrong to me . now I have the Midas 9pcs set and 2 extra casserole at home with me , but 3 got Scratches and I not dare to use it for cooking ><!!!
    for those who want to buy this Midas Set please consider of my problem mention above , hope you will not so unlucky like me ! 2 time also cant get satisfied from seller .
    But , Honestly I will give this product 4/5 star without the scratches problem and seller problem , it can be a very useful pan for busy working mother ! if you can affort dont mind to pay higher price $288 to buy the Midas at Metro but without 2 glass lid and make sure NO SCRATCH . I am not Lacal , Sorry for my poor English too..

  9. Hi Alvina,

    Glad that you are sharing the experience of NeoFlam Midas to all readers. NeoFlam has been in Singapore since 2007, not sure whether they can support you on the product here. There are not many vendors that sells Midas at Gmarket. We bought from one of them back then, we are lucky, no issue on arrival. We have taken a few orders to send to Malaysia too, which are directly shipped from Korea, luck also, no issue. Overall we have good experience with Neoflam product but not so popular here. We sold less than 5 sets of Midas

    1. Ya , bad experience to me .. but honesly I have to said this Midas Set is work very good to me =) closed both of mu eyes for the scratches mark , it still the best =) I'm still learning for cooking few months ago , this Midas Set and Happycall really made my cooking more easier .. No more sticky or burn problem .. =)easy washing =)

  10. Hi may I know the difference between this n happycall alumite pots? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, I like to refer you to my link at http://tinyurl.com/hcpspree08, read <7. Product FAQ/Q4 Differences between Ecoramic Plus, Ecoramic Sline & Happycall Ceramic?> The answers can be found on my previous sprees (Mothers' Day spree, 7th and 8th spree). Thank you.

  11. Would you say these are dishwasher safe? I tried looking online, but dont see that referenced anywhere...

  12. is this kitchenware is safe for health no side effects or damaging on our health