Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kitchen Art Ecoramic Ceramic Pot Series - The First Look

Yippee! The 4 Pieces Kitchen Art Ecoramic Ceramic Pot Series have finally arrived, I am now the proud owner of this exciting modern kitchenware. Ever since when I done my research on Happycall double sided Pan, I have been eyeing on this Ecoramic Pot and Pan set from Kitchen Art. My first blog on Ecoramic is here for those who do have no idea of what is it.

My hubby placed an order Gmarket from the vendor iKorea on 26 Sept and it should have arrived on 30 Sept. But there was nobody home. I have wait eagerly for Singpost to redeliver the parcel on Tuesday. My whole weekend is fill with excitement thinking of Ecoramic Pan.

The parcel is about 6.5Kg, send via EMS
The condition of the arrival parcel is quite great. The parcel show that the item was posted out from Korea on 29 Sept via EMS. EMS service is really fast. 2 working days only. 

The Ecoramic Pot and Pans are all bubble warpped
Let take a look inside the parcel. The Ecoramic pots and pans are nicely pack in the insulation package and also bubble wrapped to as a second layer of protection. 

The handle for the Ecoramic Pot Covers fresh out of box
Notice that the handles of the cover is not attached on the pot / pans cover. The handle is provided in this sale which is better than the knob advertise on Lejel. It allows it to pot cover to stands, also holding away from the steam gushing out. It is good ergonomic feature.

The Lejel TV offers the knob above

The Pot Handle and Cover, Stand nicely on the tap
I must confess that it took me a while to figure out how to assemble the handle on to the cover. The instruction in Korean is not very helpful. Once i figure it out, I ask my husband to assemble for me. Haha! Thank you Hubby! And below are the steps.

1. Handle 2. Vending Ring 3. Washer and 4. Screws
The Vending Ring show face away from the Handle
This assembly here is wrong, the vending ring (red box) is facing the handle, will scald you when the steam come out of it
Cross section view of wrongly assembly handle, note the vending hole (in red box) is facing the handle
Step 1. Place the vendor ring onto the handle and place the set on the surface of cover as shown
Step 2. Place the washer and the screw in place
Step 3. Use the Philips Screw Drive (+ sign) to secure and tighten the screw onto the handle
Here are the whole set been assembled, stacked nicely on top of each other and ready to cook!

Nicely Stacked
We decided to take a easy try, to fry the sunshine egg. The ceramic coating is really good. The egg really does not stick to the pan. If i could add a little bit of oil, the sunshine eye will be easy slide off the pot.

Ecoramic Rear View After Cooking, Sparking Clean!
The Ecoramic Pan is so light, easy to clean and so easy to clean. No messy stain and the pot is still smooth and shining after use, No need to scrub off the carbon like normal glass or stainless steel pot. It is so easy to maintain!

Final Thoughts

This is really a good series of kitchenware to own. Not really expensive and is easy to maintain. The four piece Ecoramic Pots and Pan are bought for S$148 exclude the steamer (Steamer can be bought from this vendor  S$39) and silicon pot handler sold by Lejel for S$248. If they could include an English operating manual, it will be fantastic! Will be trying out cooking with food soon. (PS. I have clean up my 20cm stainless steel pan for sale)

Savvy Mummy

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