Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Happycall Pan Reviews - Cooking Vegetables

Last weeks is really exciting! Has been actively exchanging and exploring recipes, cooking techniques on Happycall Pan in forum and meeting up some friends and clients. I can see many of them and their friends are interested to buy the Happycall Pan.

Best Ocher Happycall Deal
Best Happycall Deals

Many early converter however bought their Happycall Pan from Lejel at S$108, unaware they can get the it at lower rate at Gmarket. Since then, has been recommending them to reputable Gmarket's vendors that offer good deal for both standard Happycall pan and Ocher series. My recommendations can be found (Updated regularly) on the top right hand corner of my blog. Just received two standard pans ordered for my friend and going forward to another two for my relatives.

Standard Pan bought in Gmarket
I have also bought a set of 4 pieces Kitchen Art, Ecoramic Ceramic Pot and some interesting home improvement products. The Ecoramic Pan just delivered yesterday and i will be reviewing it soon..

During exchanging, I'm quite surprise many busy mums didn't attempt to cook vegetables with Happycall Pan. Mostly shared with me how they cooked tofu, grilled fishes, chicken and roasted meat but their adventures on vegetable is really dull. I run a check with my hubby (A vegan) how he manage to cook vegetables with Happycall Pan? He replied, to cook vegetables well, one needs to re learn the way of cooking. Presenting below is the 7 Easy Steps to Cook Vegetables with Happycall Pan, sharing it with all aspiring mums.

Cooking Vegetables with Happycall Pan in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Preparation of Food & Gravity
Cleans, slices and prepares your vegetables, meats and sauces/gravy . Below is a simple tip i discovered to prepare the sauces.

a) Get an empty bottle
b) Pour the prefer condiments into it (Pepper, Oyster Sauces, Fermented Beancurbs, etc)
c) Close the lid and shake. Viola!
Fermented Bean curb sauce for cooking
Step 2 - Heat up the Pan and add Oil (around 15 to 30 Seconds)
Remember, you don't need a big fire, middle setting will do. Add a little bit of oil ( I prefer olive).

Step 3 - Add Ginger and Close Lids
For the aroma, add ginger slices at this stage. Close the lid and open up once you smell the ginger.

Step 4 - Add Meat / Solid Vegetables / Mushrooms
At this stage, add slices meat (not frozen meat) / mushrooms / solid vegetable like potatoes, carrots slices. Close the lid and wait for another 30 to 45 seconds.
Abalone Mushrooms

Nice aroma
Step 5 - Add your vegetables (leafy) 
Pen the lid, add your vegetables now. Do remember to add some warm water so that the vegetables will not be over cooked. Once the steam is out. Proceed to Step 6
Pour sauce into vegetables
Step 6 - Add Garlic / Sauces / Condiments
If you are adding chopped garlic / onions, add at this stage, wait for the 15 seconds, then add the rest of the sauces / condiments. Closed lids, remembered to flip the pan and open up to stir fried when necessary.
1 min cooking
Step 7 - Wait for the Steam and Serve
Depending on the amount of food put in, you need to wait for 30 secs to 1 minute. Once the steams is out from the back of the pan. You can switch off the control and ready to serve the vegetables.
Abalone mushroom with lettuce in Fermented beancurb sauce

It is very easy to cook but need to get the sequence and "fire power" right, good cutlery skills (even slicing of food) and most importantly plenty of loves.

Until then, wishes all busy mums, happy cooking with Happycall Pan, your new assistant in kitchen.

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