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Happycall Pan is on Sunday Times

Happycall Pan on Sunday Time!
HappyCall Pan (HCP) has been reviewed on Sunday Times(Sunday Times, Lifestyle, Taste,  Page 22, 19th Feb 2012)! Look like HCP the invading the kitchens of Singapore's household is unstoppable! Those who have not step into kitchen may agree as in the article, the HCP really simplified cooking, cook faster, eat healthier and mostly important clean up kitchen easier. For those who just get their new house or a modern kitchen like me, no more greasy and messy kitchen! Wonderful piece of kitchenware to own. I love  my HCP!

Korean pan keeps cooks Happy
Heavy but pan saves gas
Writer Serene Luo wrote, "My Facebook feed was filled with posts of delicious home-made goodies - everything from Japanese tamago egg (egg omelette) to kueh bangkit to pineapple tarts. They were all coming from a Facebook group call Munch Ministry..........."

"An American breakfast of bacon strips, sausages and scrambled eggs takes about 10 to 15 minutes from fridge to frying pan and is a breeze to prepare."

Savvy mummy totally agreed with the statement. See some of my tried-out cooking
Olive Fried Rice
Cake (Recipes at SuperbMothers Fan Page)
Grilled Stuffed-Sotong
In the article, 'Song Cooking Pan', a lookalike Happycall pan manufactured by a local firm was mention. I happens to see that actual pan at Nex Fairprice Xtra a week plus ago. 
Promtional Price @ $59.90, usual $79.90

The pan really looking like HCP pan. It also come with the magnetic lock which was unfortunately not locking well on the demo set which was on display.

Well the Song pans have steel rings (above) added on the outer external that allows the pan to be use on induction cooker (induction cooker are common introduced for designed modern kitchen, which promise of cost saving when cooking with steel / iron based kitchenware). HCP are die cast aluminium (pressed from solid aluminium), unusable on induction cooker (eddy current). Whether it has the same conductivity of heat like HCP is unknown but it a good start, good news for those whose own an induction cooker at home. 

The other differences of Song's pan are the lower and upper inner pan have grills lines! Only HCP Ocher Jumbo have it. The grills line are suppose to give the food nice grills on food and conduct away excess oil. (Maybe certain food you may not want the excess oil to conduct away, e.g salmon's omega 3 oil :) ). I touched the surface of the pan, although the packaging stated non stick, not sure was it coated with ceramic like HCP which is PFOA Free or the coating is like normal non stick pan or some HCP clones which use PTFE (common known as telfon) based coating. The ceramic coating also determine the lifespan of the pan.

It is such a pity Song's pan is not up to mark in term of quality else it will be a good buy as a HCP alternative for local and maybe the world? We will be talking about how to get authentic HCP in the next blog entry. Recently we bought a fake HCP from Gmarket (We regularly bought new pans from new vendors), do look out for the new entry soon. 

Savvy Mummy

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