Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Valentine Spree - 30 Jan - 6 Feb

Dear Spree Supporters,

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding. Let make this 1st Spree of the Dragon Year yet another happy spree. 

GOODS NEWS! The Spree has been extended till 29 Feb 2012. Happycall Work & Pans will be added soon.

What's New & Changes
1. New Product - Kitchenart's S Line Ecoramic Pot & Pans
2. Prizes for Top 3 Buyers for Month of February 2012
3. HCP Sealers $3.50/Sealers 
4. No Need MOQ
5. Bulk Purchase (No eligible for Prizes)
6. Happycall Diamond Frying Pan & Wok Set (Coming Soon) 

Types of Pan & Rates

1. Type A - HCP Standard (Hook Hole) - $62
2. Type B - HCP Standard (Without Hook Hole) - $60 
3. Type C - HCP Ocher Deeper - $68
4. Type D - HCP Ocher Jumbo - $82
5. Type E - Kitchenart Ecoramic Pan 4 in 1 + Steamer - $140
6. Type F - Neoflam Midas 9 in 1 - $136 
7. Type G - Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 4 in 1 + Steamer - $158
8. Type H - Happycall Diamond Frying Pan & Wok Set - TBA
8. Extra Sealers - $3.50/sealer 

Happycall Pressure Pan, with Hook Hole on Handle

Lightest of all Happycall Pan, approx 1.6Kg
Standard Pan as seen on TV expect have hook hole
Korea Domestic Version 
3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(Max 2Kg), Serve 4 persons

Happycall Pressure Pan, NO Hook Hole on Handle

Gift / Export Version
Lightest of all Happycall Pan, 1.6Kg
3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
Most Popular Model, Same as the one sold by Home TV Shopping, Channel U
Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(Max 2Kg), serve 4 person

Newer version of Happycall Pressure Pan, Brown in Colour

Same dimension as Happycall Deeper (Red)
5 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
Reduce odour and more resistive to corrosion and abrasion
Weight is about 1.6~1.7Kg but same price as Happycall Deeper Pan (Red)
Ideal Pan for most household
<<Sneak Preview>>

KingKong Version of Happycall, Brown in Colour

Heavy weight Champion, 1.9Kg!
3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
Reduce odours 
Grills threads to drain away excess oils and give a nice grills for food.
For serious cook who like to explore beyond cooking (baking, etc)
<<Sneak Preview>

Type E - New Ecoramic Pot and Pans 4 in 1 + Steamer @ $140
Ceramic Coating
Aluminium - High Heat Conductivity : Shorter Cook Time
Far Infra-Red : Ingredients cook evenly.
Fast Cooking : Minimize destruction of nutrients
Easy Washing
Light Weight (6.2Kg-Whole Set)
Stand-able Boil-Proof Glass Lid
Cannot be use on Induction Cooker

TYPE F - Neoflam Midas 9 in 1 Set $136
Magic Steam Hole
Detachable Handle
Ceramic Coating
Good Thermal Transfer
Plastic Lid for storage in fridge
Can be use in Oven
Cannot be use on Induction  Cooker

Type G - Ecoramic S Line 4 in 1 + Steamer $158

Non Metal Handle on Pots

Ceramic Coating
Aluminium - High Heat Conductivity : Shorter Cook Time
Far Infra-Red : Ingredients cook evenly.
Fast Cooking : Minimize destruction of nutrients
Easy Washing
Light Weight (6.2Kg-Whole Set)
Stand-able Boil-Proof Glass Lid
Cannot be use on Induction Cooker

Happycall Pan Package in FREE Gifts
*1 Pack of Sealer (1 Pack = 2 Sealers, each sealer can last 9 to 12 months depending on usage)
* Free Delivery to your home / office 
* Hardcopy Copied English Manual / Chinese Manual (PDF,Email)

Ecoramic Pans / Midas
* Free Delivery to your home / office

* Most of the most commonly asked questions are here (, please do take a look before emailing us your inquiries 
* Do we sell Genuine Pans?
We sell only genuine pans from South Korea(Happycall, Kitchenarts, Neoflam)/Germany(SKK). To spot fake happycall, please refer to or for details.

* Do the Happycall Pan Leaks?
Yes, it does! There is a vending hole for the steam to come out at the back of the happycall pan. If you tilt the pan towards the vending hole, liquid will leak from there. However, if you flip on the side, the silicon sealer will stop the liquid from leaking when flipped by the side. After prolong usage,  the silicon sealer will wear and tear, thus leaking from the side is an indication for changing the silicon sealer. 1st Generation of Happycall Pan (Black in Colour) did not have the silicon sealer thus will leaks sideway as seen in the happycall demo on home shopping tv. That pan has already been obsolete and not available for at least 2 years.  
* What is the different between Type A & B?
Type A & Type B have only two differences 1st One have Hook Hole, the other do not. 2nd,  No  Hookhole is $2 lesser than Hook Hole Version otherwise the functionality and specification of Type A & Type B is the same.
* Which Happycall is better?
All Happycall Pan are good. It depends on your cooking needs. We owned a red version of Deeper Pan. We find the capacity is just right for us for cooking dishes for 4 to 5 persons. Our best selling pans are Ocher Deeper follows by Type A & B. However we have some season cooks that like the heavier Ocher Jumbo Grills. 

* How long is the delivery after placement?
Please refer to the Delivery section below

*Orders from this spree will usually placed on Friday
*Eurasia Shipping from Korea, Local EMS, Eurasia or TAQBIN to Doorstep subject to vendors
*Delivery normally take 7 to 10 working days may take up to working days for peak period.
*Tracking Number will be provided on request.

Order & Payments
*No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is required. Placement is usually on Friday.
*Buyer just have to place your orders, transferred the payment to our account stated below and provide us the delivery details (Refer Sample Order Details Below)
*Our POSB Current 702-12247-3
*ibanking or ATM transferred preferred.  
 ibanking from other banks other than POSB/DBS will need wait 3 days for clearance. 
*Once payment is made, please remember to provide the following below to avoid late delivery.
*We will reply you in email once we have placed your orders.


- Include your reference ID, transaction date, amount, Eg. ibanking, Mary, 31 Jan 2012, 7pm, $68

- SMS to 82348479, transaction date & time, amount and your name, E.g ATM Trf, 31 Jan 2012, 7pm, $68, Mary

Sample Order Details
1. Name : 
2. Contact : (handphone number) 
3. Email :
4. Address :
5. Orders : 2x Type A & 2x Type D
6. Amount : 2x $62 + 2x $82 = $288
7. Manual : Korean + English or/and Chinese Manual (Default English & Korean Manual is provided)
8. Delivery Time : e.g Delivery between 9am to 5pm, Weekday Onlys
9. Transaction Details : ibank, Mary Chua Mei Mei,  31 Jan, 7pm, $288

Bulk Orders
Please email us directly @ mummyissavvy for quote. Buyers need to note that bulk order need to be split into smaller orders and delivery on different days to minimize custom duties. Bulk Order orders are not eligible for top buyers prize. 

Top Buyers Prize
We will be given out prize to our top 3 buyers in the month of February 2012. Orders quote under Bulk Orders are not eligible. The minimum orders to qualify for the prize is that the buyer must purchase at least 10 pans (Ecoramic/Midas Purchase is counted as 2 pans) . The prizes are as follows: Top buyer of the Month : Happycall Diamond Pan, Runner Up : Ginsu Kitchen Knife Sets and 2nd Runner Up : Magic Chef Forte Stainless Steel Pot. 
As this is a direct imported from Korea. There is "No Warranty", it you are looking for a warranty pan, you can buy from Lejel which provide a local 1 Year Warranty

However upon delivery, you noticed the pan is broken, item missing or item is different from order, please do take a picture of it email or MMS, we will access and help you to do 1:1 exchange. We have tentatively select AMK Hub as exchanging point.

We have a few suppliers for our spree. This is to ensure the orders can be delivery will be timely. 

Spree Inquiry & Emails
Handphone: 8234 8479

Spree Announcement Page:
Savvy Mummy


  1. may i know if you have done a direct comparison between the kitchenart and neoflam midas? can you share? also, can kitchenart pots be used in the oven?


  2. Ecoramic Plus Pots without plastic handle are able to put into the oven. We did not do a direct comparison with Kitchenart and neoflam products. There are certainly many similarities, it is just the way how each company stay unique