Monday, 30 January 2012

Modern Kitchenware - New Ecoramic Pan - S Line

If you are looking for a modern kitchenware that allows you to cook faster, clean easier and yet enjoy good quality food. You should be looking at this blog.

New Ecoramic Series - S Line

For those who are already familiar with Kitchenarts Ecoramic Pots & Pan Series either thru home shopping video demo or thru our blog. You will find the latest addition of Ecoramic Series, S Line that is not available in Singapore yet is in fact a wonderful series

Stand-able Lid 
Overflow Protection Valve / Lid
Those who recall well, Ecoramic Plus is an improved version of Ecoramic Series that were originally sold in Lejel's Home Shopping Video. The Ecoramic Plus has an improved overflow protection and standable lid. This series is easier available in Gmarket, some vendor sold an extra stainless steamer but some do not. We sold quite a few in the the last spree.

New Non Metal Handles at sides of Pot
Ecoramic S Line is the most ideal Ecoramic Series that you can owned. It has the ceramic coating which is non toxic and non stick just like its earlier release which make them famous, able to withstand high temperature, good heat conduction for faster and even cooking, standable lid with overflow protection design and more importantly, now with handles by the side of the pots which make it easier to handle. Previous two designs, the Ecoramic's pots is not easy to hold due to leak of non metal handles by the side of the pots. Ecoramic S Line series finally corrects it. 

It is such and ideal pots, which is easy to handle and yet light. The new design is also vibrant in colours and looks more elegant. 

If you are looking for effective and reasonable price modern kitchenware, Ecoramic S Line is a good set to own.
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  1. Hi how much are these and where can I get them?

    1. We will be updating the new price soon for the 5th Spree we are holding, you can bookmark this page for more details on Sline price :

  2. Hi, does the new S line include the big brown pot? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. S Line do not include brown version.

  3. Hi, i purchased a set of ecoramic after reading this blog. This is my personal experience: the pot is non stick initially, after a few times of cooking, the food stick on the pot. A blogger said clean the pot with liquid scrub will do. I tried and food still stick on the pot. If you looking for non stick feature, don't go for this pot. However, it is absolutely good when used to cook soup. The soup boiled in a short while.

    1. Thank you for your recent comments. Just like to add on. The ceramic coating is the layer that has the non stick property. If food stuck to stick on the pot, the reason could because the food has been over cooked or that non stick area is not cleaned or wear off.

      How to check the layer is wear off or unclean? under sunlight uneven if there are residue like water droplet stain on glass, the area need to wash again, the non stick layer is still there. If it is expose like a burnt mark, the layer is off.

      Food sticked on the pot is quite common on ceramic pot especially with starchy and salty food. We did mentioned before and it is also in the video of Lejel for happycall pot and ecoramic pot. Just boil the sticked food with water to near boiling level, rinse/brush the sticked layer, it will come off easily something low grade stainless steel base/telfon based pot cannot do.

      Our 18cm pot which we used for more than a year to cook noodles and gravy have some ceramic wear off (did not wash after use, the acidic sauce eats into the ceramic layer and damage it) if we didnot watch the fire, some noodles will stick to pan, we rinse it with cold water for 30 minutes, wash with liquid detergent and soft sponge, scrub with a little bit of force. The pot is fine to use again.