Tuesday, 1 November 2011

SuperbMothers HappyCall Spree 01 - 01 Nov - 07 Nov

Thank you very much for the support! Our 1st Spree is closed.

The next round will be 20 plus of the month. Those want to request for company bulk order and presentation. Please contact us via email at the bottom of this page.  

For latest development of spree delivery, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Thank you for all those mums that have ordered.

Sorry for the long wait, the Happycall Spree by SuperbMothers is finally here. We have 4 type Happycall Pressure Pans for this spree. When the minimum order quantity reached 30, we will be emailing or sms for payments to all those that have placed for the orders. For those new to Happycall Pan can refer to the information below or our Happycall FAQ. For orders and inquiries, you can sent to mummyissavvy@gmail.com

Types of Pan & Rates

1. Type A - HCP Standard (Red) New Version with Hook Hole - $62
2. Type B - HCP Standard (Red) Old Version without Hook Hole - $59
3. Type C - HCP Ocher (Brown) Deeper - $68
4. Type D - HCP Ocher (Brown) Jumbo - $82

Packages & Gifts
  • Free Delivery
  • Copied English or Chinese Manual
  • 1 Pack of Happycall Sealer (2 Pieces of Sealer)
  • Newer Hook Hole Pan
1 Pack of Sealer has 2 Pieces of Sealers

Pan Details
Type A - HCP Standard (Red)
New Version with Hook Hole - $62

  • Newer version of Happycall Pressure Pan, with Hook Hole on Handle
  • Lightest of all Happycall Pan, 1.6Kg
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Most Popular Model
  • Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(max 2Kg), Serve 4 persons

Type B - HCP Standard (Red) 
New Version with Hook Hole - $59

  • Older version of Happycall Pressure Pan, with NO Hook Hole on Handle
  • Lightest of all Happycall Pan, 1.6Kg
  • 3 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Most Popular Model, Same as the one sold by Lejel
  • Ideal for grilling fish, chicken(Max 2Kg), serve 4 person

Type C - HCP Ocher Deeper (Brown) 
New Version with Hook Hole - $68

  • Newer version of Happycall Pressure Pan, Brown in Colour
  • Same dimension as Happycall Deeper (Red)
  • 5 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Reduce odour and more resistive to corrosion and abrasion
  • Weight is 1.9Kg but same price as Happycall Deeper Pan (Red)

Type D - HCP Ocher Jumbo (Brown) 
New Version with Hook Hole - $82

  • KingKong Version of Happycall, Brown in Colour
  • Heavy weight Champion, 2.1Kg!
  • 5 Layers of Ceratinium Coating
  • Reduce odours and Grills threads to drain away excess oils and give a nice grills for food.
  • Ideal Double Sided Pressure Pan except for the weight!

Standard Features & Benefits
  • Making cooking Smokeless and Odorless
  • Foods are grilled, Less loss of Nutrient through this type of cooking
  • Pressured cooking & Far-Infared Inner Pan, requires lesser time and energy to cooks.
  • Aluminum Die Casted, faster and evenly heat distribution.
  • Silicon tubing & grooved rim, prevents leaking from sides.
  • US FDA approved silicon tubing(sealer)
  • Ceratinium Coating, Mix of Titanium & Ceramic coating, Non Stick and more resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Equipped with Oil Reservoir and Pressure Exits
  • Made in South Korea
  • No oil spattering
  • Safety lock to prevent the pan from ripping apart.
  • One touch strong magnetic lock for firm and easy locking.

Packing & Delivery
  • Bubble warping
  • Eurasia Shipping to Doorstep
  • Delivery takes 6-7 working days.
  • Tracking Number will be informed when goods arrived in Singapore.
Order & Payments
  • Please email order or questions to mummyissavvy@gmail.com .
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 30 is required to before order is placed.
  • SMS & Email for payment will be sent out when MOQ is reached
  • Payment will only be made when MOQ is reached.
  • Once payment is fully collected, order will be placed.
  • Do indicated email, contact number, name, address, transaction code, selection of English or Chinese Manual or any delivery request when placing order.
  • Spree Payment Account : POSB Current Account : 702-12247-3
  • As the order is direct imported from South Korea, it does not have warranty like Lejel.
  • Broken pan, missing item or wrongly delivered item can email us, we will help you to exchange.

Spree Payment Details
  • Transfers Account : POSB Current Account, 702-12247-3
  • Spree Email: mummyissavvy@gmail.com
  • Internet Banking Transfer Preferred. Indicate your name and surface (e.g Angela Chua)
  • If you have not emailed us your details, here are the details required
  1. Name
  2. Contact No
  3. Email
  4. Delivery Address
  5. Your Order (e.g Ocher Deeper x1, New HCP Standard x1, etc)
  6. Copied English or Chinese Manual
  7. Any preferred timing (e.g Deliver Mon-Fri, after 7pm)
  8. Transaction Date, Transaction receipt no.
Thanks you for placing orders with us, do bookmark this page, if there is any important announcement for this spree, it will be placed above and Spree Announcement Page. You can also visit us at Kiasu Parent Forum Spree Page


13 Nov 1930HR - Fake Happycall Pan

Recently received too much emails and sms asking whether the spree happycall pan is authentic. I think we should move the sub topic on "how to spot a fake happycall" to the top of the Happycall FAQ and highlight the topic on "Fake Happycall?" contributed by SQYong

Pre Spree Check
The source for spree supplier started early October. We screened and order the happycall pans from prospect suppliers. After we checked their delivery and pan quality then we approached them to provide pan for spree.  

Our Suppliers
We have two suppliers for the spree. Type A, C & D are from the same vendor, they only deals with domestic Happycall version. Type B (The handle without hook), we are using another vendor which deals only with all the Red series Happycall except Type A. Both are South Korea vendors. We are also evaluating new vendors for the upcoming spree at the end of the month. 

Free Gifts
As typical Singaporean, who don't like free gifts :) However, we cannot endorse quality of the free gifts given out by the vendors as they change from time to time. The only free gifts we endorse and negotiate is the Original Sealers from Happycall. You can order for more packs of the sealers (1 Pack have 2 sealers) for your  friends who might not get the sealer in earlier order. 1 Pack cost additional S$6. 

If you still need any answers, we will be glad to answer you in our capacity.


Savvy Mummy

13 Nov 1700HR
  • The shipping for 1st Wave has been delayed to 12 Nov, due to airline schedule as per informed  by supplier. 
  • Full details of delay will be posted here on 14 Nov. (Probably due to peak season)
  • 2nd Wave shipping date is on 15 Nov. Tracking details should be out by 16 Nov.
  • Type B HCP Standard Old, tracking details are in, you will be received the tracking number shortly.
  • Special Ecoramic Pan (5 in 1) orders tracking details are also in.
08 Nov 1700HR
  • Thank you for the support. The sprees has been placed!
  • If you have have not received notification of your payment is received via email or sms. Please email to mummyissavvy@gmail.com. 
  • Supplier will ship out the Happycall Pan on this Thursday for those who order and paid before Monday.
  • Second wave submitted today. Your orders has been placed. Awaiting shipping advice from Supplier.
  • Those that have order Ecoramic Pan from us, orders is been placed and out for shipping.
  • For missing item and damage item, please email us.


Savvy Mummy


  1. Hello, just to share that I may have bought a fake HC pan.

    Here's what I did.

    Just hope this will help bring awareness to your readers if you'd like to share it.

    Im not worried about the money.
    Imagine the toxic material used?

    Happy Spreeing, Safe Spreeing.


  2. Hi SQ,

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips. Have commented on your blog, the hcp pans you have bought are really fake. You ought to sought full refund from the vendor. Not to sure whether they are really toxic as explained in http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=25600, but i know the clone like xxvecall and xxgiccall are using xylan as their coating. Will include your blog in our faq, warning our readers to lookup for fake.

  3. Hi SQ,

    Will like to check, do you take order for HAPPYCALL BLACK EDITION SET (Diamond pot/pan) too? If so, may I ask on the price too? Thanks.

  4. Hi Shanelz,

    Current i do not carry any diamond pan for the spree you can visit this link (http://tinyurl.com/hcpall) for more options

  5. Hi there superbmummy! I'd like to order.. Sent you an email already today. Please let me know if I can still make it.. Looking at getting 3-4 pans. Thanks!

  6. Hi, do u ship to msia? Thks