Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy Call Pan Special 47% Discount Bargain

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Calling all Smart Mothers! If you are deciding to buy a Happy Call Pan, this is a great offer not to be miss! Just open up my email this morning from Gmarket. The popular Happy Call, double flip fan is going at almost half price! Click the link here to enjoy the offer from Gmarket. (Sob :( I could enjoyed more discount with this offer, i have bought 2 pans @ SGD $79 each)
Nice Food Produce by Happy Call Pan
Furthermore, the seller of the Happy Call Pan carries a fun range of the Happy Call series of product direct from Korea, below are some pictures and video of the products. I am definitely considering to buy their range of product for my kitchen. Save time & money! 

Happy Call Diamond Frying Pan
Happy Call Pots and Glass Lid

  Savvy Mummy


  1. Hi, I'm really interested in happy call products but the biggest concern is, can the diamond frying pan be used on induction cooker? Someone please clear my doubts.

  2. hi andre,

    only ferrous material based product like stainless steel pot can be use on induction cooker. induction cooker work on the eddy current principle where ferrous material is more efficient. aluminum based product like happycall pan, diamond pan, kitchenart pan, neo flam pans make of aluminum cannot be used on induction cooker. the only known induction cooker that can cook with aluminum ware is from Philips. but aluminum is not efficient for induction, it take way too long to heat up, therefore the conclusion is that induction cooker is not for aluminum cookware.

  3. not really
    i have neo flam pan and it can be used on induction. i only have induction cooker at home. as for this happy call, i have no idea though.