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Happy Call - Love Redefined!

Grilled Yong Tau Foo with Happy Call
Yum yum! Yes! This is Yong Tau Foo, the Hakka food, nicely grilled by less than a week old Happy Call. (Double Flip Pan from Korea). I have been exploring how well this popular double flip pan cook. My verdict so far? "Wow!" Busy mothers, if you don't have much time and want good, healthy and fast food. Get a Happy Call now! Still considering? Read on! (PS. Busy mothers, if you still don't have an idea what is Happy Call or double flip pan, click here to my previous blog, you need to know it!)

Ok, for mothers that has been using Happy Call, we all know that this is our handy weapons that grills good food like meats, seafoods, etc and Happy Call really cooks the food blazing fast! (See above demo videos) When i first try out the Happy Call pan, i did not have a chance to understand the operating manual which is in Korean. My maiden food using the Happy Call has the skins of my chicken wings and potatoes are charred when they are cooked for just 5 minutes! Other than the charred, the chicken meat is juicy and very proudly said, not a singe drop of oil used! Luckily, my friend stumble upon an English version of the Happy Call's operation manual and i began to understand how to use my Happy Call pan. 

My First Master Piece using Happy Call, skinless chicken thigh with some charred bit still visible
After familiar with the use of the Happy Call, i began to surf for recipe to cook with it. If you can recall from the video above, Happy Call can cook pan cake, pastry, vegetables and even spaghetti! Sad to say, the recipe articles are limited (maybe they are all in korean), i only manage to find a blog, J Kitchen, that show us how to make pancakes. Therefore, i decided to try out some cooking on my own and share some cooking methods i learned to all busy and aspirating moms.
Happy Call experiments - Green Vegetables, Tofu, Yong Tau Foo (Clockwise from top)
Cooking Tips
1. Frozen food - Add some water together with the frozen food into the Happy Call pan, else your food will be cooked on the surface and inner will remains uncooked. It will take around five minutes to cook the frozen meat depends on size.
Nuggets need only 3 minutes to cook till golden crispy brown
2. Clean before you Flip - Although there are silicon tubing by the side of the pan to preventing leaking. the excess oil and water are still collectible at the drain behind the Happy Call pan, make sure you clear it before you flip, else your stove will be oily!

3. Fire Power - Puff! - Although no oil is need to cooks the meat as oil will oozes out from the meat.  But you need to watch your fire power, the operating manual recommends low fire to help prolonging the life your double flip pan.

4. Add gravy at the end - Unless you want your food to be charred, add the gravy for the meat or vegetables near the end.

Fried tofu with gravy.
5. Watch the Vegetable - The pan is hot, unless you are grilling the carrots, potatoes, vegetable should not be just left there to char. What i do is, add a teaspoon of olive oil, adds some garlic or ginger follows by the vegetable with some water on it. If i want gravy, i will mixed the gravy and pour it in 30 secs after i put the vegetable it. Remember to flip the pan to ensure even cooking. The whole process is less than three minutes and it is ready to serve!
6. Slice it down! - Chunky meat and  vegetables, it is better to slice down to thin pieces for easy cooking. 

7. It's all about planning - Plan your cooking! I will use Happy Call to cook the meat first, the residue oil from the meat is then use to cooked vegetables. It makes my food taste nicer.

Anyone like a small serving of yummy vegetable with gravy?
8. Master of Fire -Lastly, learn to master the fire and it will serve you well. 

That is what i call nicely done!
Busy mothers, i hope i provide you with good reasons to own a Happy Call pan. On my final thoughts, Happy Call is no doubt a good helper to help us cook good and healthy food with lesser time and less cleaning. But more importantly, now we have more time and we can enjoy more quality time with our loves one enjoying the food together. Happy Call is not about speedy cooking, it really brings about bonding, affections and loves to our loved one. It is love redefined! Get one today!

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