Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Kitchen

Kitchen Kitchen...

A place where love bloom, bonding nurtured and warm filled. I love my kitchen! This little space created love for me and my hubby. 
The glossy black classic finishing on my kitchen cabinet, make me feels my little space modern, classy and a little touch of Zen only find in some modern some up-rise property. The doors and drawers are cushions with Blum. I can now use my "bum" to push the drawers or doors to close without the usual "loud bang" sound. Below are some of the pictures taken of my kitchen.

"Mom, i can see the table in the cabinet"

"Mummy, when are you cooking the grill chicken again with your happy call"

"Mummy, no hand!,How you hooks the knife and pan in the air?" (Ikea Magnet Bar)

Hope you enjoy the views of my kitchen, you can view more at my Flicker. Last but not least, my Kitchen Quotes: "Happiness, Health & Wealth ~ What you think about you bring about"

Savvy Mummy

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