Monday, 22 August 2011

Kitchen Tips - How To Store Food In The Chiller

In the last blog, we give tips on how food should store in the fridge. In the blog, we will share tips on how food should be store in the chiller :)

Meats: To keep meat fresh, drain any excess water, pat dry and cover with cling wrap or store in a container. Wrap leftovers in aluminum foil and place on a plate
Seafood: Chill fresh fish and prawns like you do with meat. Keep live shellfish like oysters in their de-shells, place in a bowl and cover with a damp towel. Leftover prawn, crab or lobster meat that you have de-shelled can be stored in a zipper bad or airtight container for up to four days.

Vegetables: Wrap in newspaper or keep them in perforated plastic bags so any moisture can evaporate and not cause the veggies to rot.

Fruits: Leave perishable fruits like berries and grapes in their original packaging or wrapped in kitchen towels to soak up the juice when they become overripe. Cover cut fruits with cling wrap, or store in sealed container.

Cheese: Keep hard holes on a plate. Or if you want to keep the aroma in, store hard or soft cheeses in airtight containers without wrapping them. Keep blue cheese in aluminum foil to keep its shape if there are water droplets on cut cheese, leave it unwrapped in the chiller section of the refrigerator to dry before storing.

Dairy products: Store eggs in their original cartons to keep them fresh for a longer time. They absorb smells very easily so do not place them next to strong-smelling foods.

Do not overstock fruits with high sugar content, like passion fruits and kiwis. They have a shorter shelf life as the sugar breaks down quickly, causing them to spoil.

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