Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cleaning Tips - Keep Your Fridge Sparkling Clean And Fresh

Now you have learn how to store type of food in your Fridge. In this blog, we will go on to show you how to clean your Fridge.
You must be thinking what you need to aid your cleaning process. All you need, lukewarm water mixed with the juice of one lemon, a non-scratch cleaning cloth. 

  1. Turn off the main power to the fridge 
  2. Move perishables like dairy items and fresh foods from the chiller to the freezer.    
  3. Leave the non-perishables like jam at room temperature. 
  4. Remove the drawers and racks to wash and dry. 
  5. Wipe the chiller and the inside door with the cloth dampened with the lemon mixture. 
  6. Clean the condiment bottle. When done, return the racks and food back to the chiller. 
  7. Transfer fruits and greens to the freezer and clean the crisper. 
  8. Work on the freezer next, storing the items in the chiller temporary. 
  9. Give the fridge exterior a good wipe-down before turning the power the power back on.

*Lemon makes a good natural disinfectant. And its acid also helps to remove stains.

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