Saturday, 27 August 2011

Alerts - Keep yourself aware on email scam

Beware! Know them before they strike you! Email scams are back again recently. There are an email in circulation asking for account details, I received the email sometime in June, claiming to be from the Hotmail team and also asking me to verify my Hotmail account now!

After reading the email, it asks for my Hotmail ID, my Password, my date of birth and country or territory where I live. The email claims that if I don't send these details that my Hotmail account will be closed subsequently. Similar emails from Yahoo, Gmail, AT&T are also received. Below are the screen-shots of the email.
 If the someone managed to get hold of your account, they could also get hold of your other personal details, like passwords, private messages, personal mail and any other details that you may have stored in there.

Never never give our your personal details !!

The screenshots you see above, note that there are errors, seem unprofessional, funny grammar too.Check the sender's email address, it is definitely not from Hotmail. Real giveaway: someone trying to steal your account is the fact. Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail will never send this kind of email to verify your account. Add a secondary email account that allows you to regain your account if such cases happens to you. Recently, a friend of mine just regain their account, after the hacker to control their Yahoo. If they did not set that secondary email account, their Yahoo accounts will be gone. The hackers use their account to after for money from friends that are link to the account. Lucky for they, they were informed early to minimize the damage.

Protect your email account and do not reply to this email if you receive it. Just remember! Never send your password or reveal any other personal details to anyone.

Savvy Mummy

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