Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mums and ladies, have you buy Korean Herbal Sanitary Pad?

Guys... Perhaps you may like to exit this posting. However, we'll be glad that you will stay on and read till the end. So, you can understand us much better. 

Yes, I bought mine in early Jan. Just used it a few days ago. Still using now :) When i first saw this product in Gmarket, I thought; this is just another pad trying to enter our market.  Curious, i read on, it has Ginseng! Yes Ginseng! You hear me right. Interesting i thought! I checked the cost. Mmm... Well just a little bit more than what i usually bought, ok just give the Ginseng a try :p 

First experience out of box - it feel very soft, the smell ginseng is great (herbalist smell) and when i wear it, surprising comfortable and a smile came into my mind.... I believe most women still looking for their 'best-friend' in the market but always changing it after a few tries.... I FOUND my true 'best-friend'! Finally as the commercial says no more worries on 'Da Yi Ma'.It is so natural, i unconscious forgotten that i have 'Da Yi Ma' and i tossed the bed thru and fro last night only to wake up relieved to find that i did not mess up the bedsheet. 

This is my 'best-friend' that I bought from Gmarket. 28 days project with Yejimiin. The so natural night masterpiece is Yejimiin Overnight. If you yet to find your 'best-friend', time to give it a try, this is the link to the product in Gmarket
1 to 7 days project with Yejimiin
7 to 9 days project with Yejimiin
9 to 17 days project with Yejimiin
17 to 28 days project with Yejimiin
Yejimiin Overnight 
1 year packet

Savvy Mummy

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