Friday, 5 October 2012

Simple Meal For A Day

Chinese Salted Vegetables with Tofu Soup (Vegetarian style)
By now, most of my supporters and avid readers may know that I am great fan of soup, more on Cantonese slow-fire soups which is essentially soup that is simmered over low heat for at least a few hours, hence the term 'slow-fire'.  Slow-fire soups are usually a clear broth made with some meat and flavored with the vegetable of choices.  Yesterday, I was on leave and thinking of boiling soup. Simple and appetizing soup - salted vegetable or known as 'ham choi' in Cantonese which apart from adding rich flavors to soups, is also known for having ‘heat-reducing' properties.  Since, slow-fire soups tend to take longer time, this didn't dampen my cooking mood. Glad I have my KitchenArts cooking wares saving my cooking time and hassle free cooking too.

There are many variations to this soup which can add pork or duck.  Since my hubby is a vegetarian, I opt for vegetarian salted veg soup. So I went marketing at the wet market and bought the soup ingredients. 

Here my simple and appetizing ingredients for my SuperbMothers 
Kitchenware – KitchenArts Ecoramic Pot
½ pot filled with filtrated water and boiled with medium fire
1 whole salted vegetable (washed and soaked for 15 minutes or best soaked overnight), cut into bite sizes
Mock meat (mutton; taste best)
1 packet of tofu, cut into cube sizes (frozen tofu better to cut and nicer)
1 tomato, cut into bite sizes
1 corn, cut into bite sizes
2 baby carrots, cut into bite sizes
2 slices of ginger

While the water is boiling, place the cut corns into the ecoramic pot first.
Once the ingredients are cut into your preference even sizes then put all ingredients into the pot. 
Cover the lid. Bring to a boil (5 mins). 
Once rapidly boiling, turn the heat to low. 
Boil for about 10 mins and slimmer to 'cool'.
Add salt if needed, seriously I didn't add any seasoning as the ingredients bring rich taste and great aroma which filled to my kitchen.

Hassle free and great for busy working mum :D 
Preparing time (10 mins) + Soup time (15 mins) = est. time 30 mins.
Why 5 mins extra? Don’t forget rice also need time to cook :p

Savvy Mummy

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