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Spree - March 2012 Happycall & Kitchenart Spree

Happycall & Kitchenart Spree is back this March!

Thank you mums for all the support for last month spree. This is our 5th Spree since Oct 2011. For this new spree, we will be adding some exciting new products that will spice up your kitchen. For those who are new to SuperbMother, do read our previous spree blog to see what we have previously offers. Overseas visitors interested in our product, we do shipped overseas but the rates are slightly different, do contact us for quote. As we are  having our full time job, we can only reply you during our break or during our rest time at nite. Please pardon us if we do not reply your sms, facebook pm or email in time. 

Spree Products - At a Glance

Happycall Double Sided Pressure Pan Deals
Type A - HCP Standard (Domestic/Hook Hole Version) - $62
Type B - HCP Standard (Export/ No Hook Hole Version) - $60
Type C - HCP Ocher Deeper - $68
Type D - HCP Ocher Jumbo Grill - $82

Ceramic Pot Deals
Type E - (New) Happycall Ceramic Pot Set 4+1 - $168 (Temporary Out of Stock*)
Type F - (New) Happycall Ceramic Pot Set 5+1 - $227 (Going Fast!)
Type G - (New) Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 4+1 - $158
Type H - Kitchenart Ecoramic Plus 4+1 - $138

Diamond Pans Deals
Type I - (New) Happycall Diamond Pan 3pcs Set - $130 
Type J - (New) Happycall Diamond Pan 6pcs Set - $168 (Going Fast!)
Type K - (New) Kitchenart F4 Diamond Pan 3pcs Set - $79
Type L - (New) Chefline Diamond 5pcs Set - $95

Temporary Out of Stock* - Type E is temporary out of stock. Do not send payment for Type E only. Email us to express your interest for Type E, we will inform you for payment when Type E is available. Alternative, you can order Type F but indicate you do not want the 28cm Stew Pot. Type F also selling fast :)

Happycall Pans
1. Free Local Shipping except restricted area, off shore island and orders from our spare 
2. Extra Silicon Sealer (Worth S$3.50)
3. Free English Copied Operating Manual
4. Extra random gifts from supplier.

Ceramic Pots & Diamond Pans
1. Free Local Shipping except restricted area, off shore island and orders from our spare 

Products Brief Details
1. Happycall Double Sided Pressure Pans
1a. Standard Features of Happycall Pans

- US FDA approved High Grade Silicon sealers from Dow Corning.
- Enhances the pressure inside the pan, enable speedy cooking with good thermal
  efficiency even at low heat, thus less nutrition loss.
- Minimize oil splattering.
- Less Smoke.
- Ceratinium coating allow bottom to non sticks, thus easier cleaning after cook.

2. Ceramic Pots Deals
2a. Happycall Ceramic Pots Standard Features


2b. Kitchenart Ecoramic Type G / H Standard Features

- POFA Free
- Ceramic Coating
- Aluminium - High Heat Conductivity : Shorter Cook Time
- Far Infra-Red : Ingredients cook evenly.
- Fast Cooking : Minimize destruction of nutrients
- Easy Washing
- Light Weight (6.2Kg-Whole Set)
- Stand-able Boil-Proof Glass Lid
X Cannot be use on Induction Cooker

3. Diamond Pans Set
3a. Happycall Diamond Pans (Type I / J)

- 5 Layers of Nano Diamond coating
- Non Stick
- High Thermal conductivity
- Diamond coating against Metal scrubbing
- Non harmful to human body
- Use little amount of detergent for cleaning
- Eco friendly to environment

3b. Kitchenart Diamond Pans (Type K)

- POFA Free
- Blue diamond coating does not peel off easily
- 4 Layers of coating
- Porcelain Enamel Coating which is eco friendly
- Slim & light weight

3c. Chefline Diamond Pans (Type L)

- Detachable Handle
- Easy Storing
- 5 Layers of Diamond Coating
- Overflow Protection Lid


Every Happycall pan will shipped with the original Korean Operating Manual. Additional English copied version is usually supplied by most suppliers we engaged. SuperbMothers is committed to reduce carbon footage. If you do not received a hard copy of the English copied, we encourage you to download the pdf version from the links below. Chinese Manual is optional. If hard copy of the Chinese Manual is required, we will usually pass the order the supplier who can supplied it but the waiting time for the pan will take longer

Download English Happycall Manual PDF (Coming Soon!)
Download Chinese Happycall Manual PDF (Coming Soon!)

Ordering, Payment & Placement
1. There is no minimum ordering quantity (MOQ) for this spree. 
2. All orders will be consolidated and placed on Friday for those who have made payment  
    and submit their ordering details.
3. Do not make payment for those item that are temporary out of stock, do send us an 
    email request to indicate your interest to purchase the item and we will informed you 
    when the item is available for payment. 
4. For Overseas orders, please email us before making payment.
5. Ordering is completed only when payment and order form is submitted to us.

Ordering Step
A. Deposit the total amount of payment to our POSB Current Account : 702-12247-3
B. Submit the following details to us via Email (Preferred) / SMS after payment.
C. Ordering Details
1. Name : 
2. Contact : 
3. Address :
4. Email :
5. Orders : e.g Ocher Deeper x 1
6. Amount : e.g $68
7. Note : e.g Delivery weekday 9am to 5pm only
8. Tx Ref : ATM/ibanking on <Date><Time>, <nick if applicable>, amount
D. If you did not hear any reply from us within 3 days, do sms us.

Exchange / Warranty
1. The item is imported from Korea, thus do not have any warranty from manufacturer, if your pan is damage upon arrival, do take a picture of it email or sms. 
2. Exchange of items is carry out at AMK Hub during weekend. 

1. Differences Between Type A & B?
One have a hook hole in the handle (Type A) the other (Type B) does not. Otherwise, their properties are the same except Type B is cheaper than Type A. One thing to note is that most of the fake happycall pan around are design to look resemble Type B. 

2. Differences Between Type A/B and C
Coming Soon!

1. Delivery will usually takes 5 to 14 days after placements.
2. Tracking numbers will only be email to you when we received it from the supplier.
3. Bulk orders shipping will be done in batches, else you need to folk out additional 7% to pay GST if parcel exceed SGD$400. 
4. Free shipping is available in Singapore except restricted area and offshore island.

Contact Us
Official Spree Announcement : http://tinyurl.com/hcpspree 
Official Mobile : 8234 8479
Official Email : mummyissavvy@gmail.com

Savvy Mummy

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