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Mother's Day Happycall Spree

Happycall Deals Free Gifts
1. Free Copied English Manual
2. Free Extra Silicon Sealer (Additional Sealer cost $3.50/piece)
3. Free Local Delivery* (Please refer to Delivery section below)
4. Random Free Gift from Suppliers
(Naturally, there will be more gifts given by supplier if you order more pans shipped to same location)

Ceramic Pot Deals Free Gifts
1. Free Local Delivery*
2. Free Silicon Pot Handlers (except for S Line) 

Ordering & Payment
1. There are no minimum ordering quantity for the spree.
2. Order will placed only after payment verification and ordering details are completed.
3. For Overseas orders, please email us before making payment.

Ordering Step
A. Deposit the payment to our POSB Current Account : 702-12247-3
B. Submit the ordering details to us via Email (Preferred) / SMS after payment.

Ordering Details
1. Name : 
2. Contact : 
3. Address :
4. Email :
5. Orders : e.g Ocher Deeper x 1
6. Amount : e.g $68
7. Note : e.g Delivery weekday 9am to 5pm only
8. Tx Ref : ATM/ibanking on <Date><Time>, <nick if applicable>, amount

C. If you did not hear any reply from us within 3 days after payment, do sms us.

Delivery & Shipping

1. Delivery will usually takes 5 to 10 days after placement.
2. Public holidays will cause the delivery date to push backward a few more days.
3. Tracking numbers only be issued after the pan are shipped to the courier which can be as late as one day before delivery. We will email you asap when we we received it from the supplier.

4. Bulk orders shipping will be shipped in batches, else you will need to folk out additional 7% to pay GST if parcel exceed SGD$400. 
5. Free shipping is available in Singapore except restricted area and offshore island.
6. Buyers do not need to stay at home to wait for delivery, if the goods are undelivered during the first round, the courier will either left a notice or call you for rescheduling of delivery.

7. Local delivery is free except for off shore island, restricted area like military bases, Jurong island. 

1. The items are not cover for any warranty as it is direct imported from South Korea.
2. We do have 1:1 exchange policy for items arrived damage. You are required to sent us photos of the following a) the box condition b) the damaged and c) the shipping/tracking number.
3. Exchange of items is strictly at AMK Hub during weekend. 

Products FAQ
Q1. Differences Between Type A & B?
Both quality, made and functions are of the same high quality standard except for the hook hole on handles of the pan. Type A has a hook hole is for Korea's domestic market while Type B (No hook hole on handles) is the export version.

Happycall's Products hook up on shelf in Korea's Shopping Malls

Q2. Differences between Red Deeper / Jumbo (Type C,E) & Ocher Deeper / Jumbo Grills (Type D,F)?
The main differences are already described in Happycall FAQ, below is a summary of differences.

Comparison between Type C,D,E & F
Q3. I'm new and confuse. Which pan should i get? What is the most popular pan?
Most of the infos are covered in Happycall FAQ and is summarized as feedback from Happycall buyers. 

Standard Pans (Type A&B) are suitable for those who those who wants to try out, small family (less than 3 members) or for very old folks. The serving is limited. Standard Pan are good for grilling fishes and smaller food serving.

Deeper Pans (Type C&D) have deeper lower pans thus able to hold more food. We ever roasted a medium size chicken in our red deeper. The deeper pan can served 3~5 persons.  Can't decide ocher or red, please refer to Q2.

Jumbo Pans (Type E&F) are for those who are adventurous in cooking. The bigger size means you can explore more options than grilling fish. The drawback is the heavy nett weight of ~1.9kg. Flipping with both hands will still be a challenge. However, who say you need to flip the pan when cooking. 

The most popular pans are Ocher Deeper (Note, we do not sell Red Deeper before this spree, we introduce red series because some feedback they like red colour pan and care less about the layers) and follows by the HCP Standard.     

Q4. Differences between Ecoramic Plus, Ecoramic Sline & Happycall Ceramic?
Kitchenarts' Ecoramic Pot is the first non stick, easy to wash, Ceramic Pots introduce on Channel U's shopping TV. The first gen Ecoramic pot sold on TV does not include spill free and stand-able glass lid. Ecoramic Plus is the improved and more economy alternative offers to our spree buyers. 

However, Ecoramic Plus has two issues. Firstly, Ecoramic Plus' pots are of die cast aluminum thus the handles are metal and can be very hot to handle when heated up. Second issue, is that Ecoramic Plus do not have larger stewing pots in the series. Ecoramic Sline is the solution for Ecoramic Plus when the handles of the Sline' pots are make of bakelite. The drawback? Sline can't be use in oven to bake cake.

Happycall Ceramics is the premium of the Ceramic Pots introduce here. The inner of the pot are diamond coated so that it last longer even when use metal scrubs to scrub on it. The premium does come with a higher cost (SRP S$300 for 5+1 Set). Putting the diamond coating aside, the ceramic layer is non stick thus easy to wash even if you charred the food. So the diamond layer is a gimmick? We left you to decide.

Contact Us

Official Spree Announcement : 

Official Mobile : 8234 8479
Official Email :

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