Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Modern TingKat

Good quality hawker food is rare find this day as most of the good hawkers are retiring. The hazy weather make me feel not like going out. Or simply the food is getting too expensive. Whatever the reasons, i find this modern tingkat a good reasons for me to bring food to work...
I remember my parents used tingkat to bring food to their workplace. A metal container with 3 tiers, when remove by tier, all tiers contained many different foods. Surprise! Anyway, I find tingkat like trans-former. TingKat which means tiers and also known as tiffin carriers. TingKat is part and parcel of the Peranakan household items. TingKat containers designed with colorful pastel hues and floral motifs and were popularized in Penang, Malacca and Singapore during the British colonization.

Food is usually placed into these containers as a mode of distribution to homes of relatives or neighbors for sharing. Apart from that, it was the Babas who dominate the use of the tingkat as delicious Peranakan dishes were filled into the containers and dispatched to their workplace for lunch. Yummy!

I liked the concept of TingKat. Nowadays, it is a rare sight to see men bringing in TingKat filled with sumptuous lunch to work these days, not to mention those colorful ones! To me, this is a practice which has long been abandoned and I would like to cherish it in my own way- a modern inspiration.

I stumbled across the Lunch Box by Kitchenarts (K-Art) online and simply fall in love with it's vibrant colour and simplicity look. I bought it at $16.80 with courier delivery. It's resemble the bento from Japan. Well, we always have some delicious foods left over. Now i can packed those food to enjoy at work. Save money and time. Can rest a bit more. Do note, the soup base should be on the top where food without gravy is best put at bottom as the silicon sealing is on the top cover.

KitchenArts Lunch Box

Next time, we will be blogging about thermo pot, a fun way of cooking soup


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