Monday, 2 March 2015

Bring Joy To Frail And Lonely Elderly This Lunar New Year

Hi everyone,

I am really sorry for not posting regularly as I was busy with hectic work for past months. I missed those wonderful dayz when I blogged often on Happycall.

This lunar new year filled with warmness and not forgetting delicious home-cooked new year dishes by love-ones. Will post photos soon ")

Sometimes, I was pondering we have great times with our love-ones, but how about those lone elderly or without family or their love-ones?? Quite sad :( 
I came to know that "Community Chest" in short "ComChest" continue their outreach for needy elderly. Thumb-up!

Through Qoo10 platform, I made several donations to elderly folks for this lunar new year. I believed that every donation help (Basic need) and because of everyone, elderly folks are not alone in this Lunar New Year.

The elderly man known as Uncle Charlie (Photo insert). He appeared cheerful. I watched his youtube clip. He played harmonica well.

Thank you for your generosity for bringing joy to Uncle Charlie and his friends during this Lunar New Year.

I wish everyone happiness, good health, good wealth and goat luck :D

Best Wishes,

Genuine ComChest Site (Pls read before you make any donation).
Make Donation to ComChest (Click the link)

Next post ~  Baken Project
Pls Stay Tune for review. Cookie Here I Come!

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