Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hey S'pore

Having a weekend break is always luxury for 5-days office staff, but not with hazy sky! Yes, haze S'pore is back again. I believe you have read and heard from local news that the haze will be here for dayz.... Sign... I kept having irritation on my eye, nose and cough. Since the June episode, I bought two air ionizers for office and car after being introduced by good pal of the gadget. (Dr.USB Air Purifier Cleaner & Car Auto Anion Air Purifier). Stock-up the N95 masks, standard and those "breathable" type which will arrived next week. If you need those and still can find any, give us an email. (The market should be plenty by then, if not snap up). We also find update where you find those air purifiers and masks seller below)

HEPA Filter Purifier with Anit Virus

So, what good in those gadgets??

Most of the time, few colleagues entered office with strong cigarette odor. To non-smokers, it is unbearable and uneasy too. It is also "hard" for us to inform smokers that we need fresh air... (No hard feeling) Since, one of my good pal tested the gadget in the office. Well, it works! No more cigarette odor. Miracle!

When you want to get rid of new car smell, just, a small car anion purifier, works well.

Reasons I like this gadgets;

  • Simple and minial power consumption used
  • Powered by a small size and light weight
  • Economical 
  • Easy to carry
  • Zero maintenance
  • Vibrant colours (Blue, Green, Orange & Pink)
  • Produce cleaner air in environment for young children, older folks and WE!

Before I buy this gadget, I am amazed of its wonders... Something which I ever wanted to get - LED anion from Korea. Same technology. Watch this video here.
Demo on how Dr USB Air Purifier works
Otherwise, when you go outdoor, do wear a mask.
1) Simple mask
2) 3M face masks
3) 3M Nexcare comfort masks
4) Sports Mask with active carbon filter

Stay pink and away from haze. Remember to drink more fluids and have nice bath to fight humid weather. Get yourself one fan to cool the room, it works! Lastly, boil green bean soup to clear heatiness.
These events unfolds really tell us the environment is very fatigue and we can't take things for GRANTED!

Recently, I bought few innovative gadgets.....

Today, I boiled chicken soup using this samyetang packet...
Yummy! Taste good!

Shall continue with my chicken soup recipe someday....

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