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Happycall & Kitchenart - FINAL CNY Sales

Last Update on 10  Feb 2013, 0145HR


The footsteps of Chinese New Year is drawing nearer. We are actually happy and in the mood of preparing this new year :) (Perhaps because my hubby is not at reservist, he is busy carry out his national duties last year, hee :) )

We started off spring cleaning quite early this year (although we are only 60% done) We nearly bought everything for the new year. We been to IKEA, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets and neighbourhood store. We also notice something different, we noticed there are many mini tents "mushroom" around our neighbourhood selling new year goodies and decos and they are really reasonable priced.

We also have a lot first this year. We bought packet/can drinks, new year goodies, cleaning tools, new furniture, new wears and shoes online!  All delivered to our comfort home :) At the same time, we need to clear space to bring in the new stuffs. Therefore we decided to release all our Happycall & Kitchenart at very good price, all below cost.     

We wishes that all this nice pieces of kitchenwares will be in their new owner's kitchen cooking wonderful food for their families, bring tons of joys and sweet memories to their new owners' families and friends.

Mega Deal (Price inclusive of Delivery, Self Collect will have additional gift like knifes set, 3 Ply Stainless Steel pot, etc, while stock last! )
1. Happy Harmony Set - UP $354 SP $213 LP $178 
Now $168 (52% Discount, WoW!) SOLD!
  • 28cm Happycall Glass Lid (UP $19 SP $18)
  • 28cm KitchenArts Frying pan (UP $50 SP $35 )
  • 24cm Happycall Ceramic Gold Pot w Lid (Special Series) (UP $100 SP $55)
  • 28cm Happycall Diamond Pot w 2 Handles (UP $75 SP $55)
  • 22cm Happycall Ceramic Gold Frying Pan (Special Series) (UP $100 SP $50)
  • Free 1 wooden spatula (UP $10 SP $0)
2. Mega Happiness Set - UP $330 SP $218 LP $198 
Now $168 (49% Discount, WoW!) SOLD!
  • 28cm Happycall Glass lid (UP $19 SP $18)
  • 28cm Happycalll Alumite Pot (Black) (UP $79 SP $55)
  • 28cm Happycall Diamond Pot wTwo Handles (UP $75 SP $55)
  • 28cm Happycall Diamond Grill Pan (UP $68 SP $50)
  • 28cm Kitchenart Diamond Premium Wok (UP $55 SP $30)
  • 28cm Stainless Steel Steamer (UP $19 SP $10)
  • Free Silicone pot holder (UP $15 SP $0)
3. Five Fortune On The Way - UP $339 SP $227 LP $198 
Now $168 (50% Discount, WoW!) SOLD!

  • Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 5+1 Steamer Set (Best Selling in Korea)
  • 18cm Sauce Pot (UP $45 SP $35)
  • 20cm Pot (UP $55 SP $39)
  • 24cm Shallow Pot (UP $65 SP $45)
  • 24cm Pot (UP $70 SP $50)
  • 28cm Pot (UP $89 SP $55)
  • 24cm Stainless Steel Steamer (UP $15 SP $10)
  • Free silicone Pot Holder (UP $8 SP $0)
Grab it fast before it is sold!

Please sms, whatsapp or email to reserve the item. If you are collecting it from us, it is better to leave a deposit for security the deal. For confirm booking, please transfer the amount as instructed in .  Items are first come first serve while stock last.


Do you know silicone pot holder has many wonders for kitchen?

Silicone Pot Holder has many useful purposes for many of us. So what can silicone pot holder help? Examples, it aid as heat pad when placing hot pot or pan on it and silicone pot holder is dishwasher safe. Besides that, it works like a jar opener and also a stain resistant and odour resistant too. Last but not least, it acts like a trivet with slip resistant. So when it is dirty, how am I going to clean it? Just clean with warm soapy water. Remember, do not use any abrasive cleaning chemicals or steel wool pads on silicone holder.

Lunar Chinese New Year - #1Household Tips - Keeping Cakes Moist Longer

Many families baked or buy cakes to serve as CNY sides snack. But we know it won't last too long. If there is way to keep cakes longer, why not! Simple method, store cakes in a box with half apple in it to maintain the moisture. This can prolong cake lasting period during the CNY 2013.

Lunar Chinese New Year - #2HouseHold Tips - Giving Old Toothbrushes A New Lease Of Life

Spring cleaning the house to welcome great year and good fortune. Many of us buy many cleaning items just for the period of cleaning. Sometimes we just forgotten that area is difficult to reach or wrong size of cleaning tool. No worry, Using an old toothbrush to brush away dirt along the joints of floor and wall tiles. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean the sides of the toilet bowl where a toilet brush might not be able to reach.

Lunar Chinese New Year - #3Household Tips - Invite the Lizards and Ants to move elsewhere.

Bits and piece of food is a good food for ants and lizards. Rotten / decompose food attracts flies. This is also another source of food for lizards. Buy a bottle of white vinegar, use it to wipe the table or floor, ants will lose sense of direction and lizards does not like the smell. You can also use Ginger / Lemongrass Tea Bags / Egg Shell / Peacock feathers to "invite" lizards to move house. Ants does not like rubber. Tied rubber bands at legs of tables or base of bowls, ants will march out of your house when they do not have food. 

All Taokaenoi Plush Toy given out! 
Taokaenoi Plush Toy

Savvy Mummy

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