Sunday, 9 December 2012

SuperbMothers Qoo10 2012 Best Buy

We believe you already have heard of, recommended or been using Qoo10. This online store which was previously known as Gmarket has create a stir and changed the shopping habits of many (including ourselves). We simply enjoy our shopping at Qoo10 as we bought many wonder products at the comfortably in our home and they are "magical" delivered to our doorstep :) (Authentic Korean product like Kim-Chi, Roasted Brown Tea, Korean Honey Citron Tea and not forgetting my best friend.)

The shopping experience at Qoo10 can be more enjoyable if you know how to narrow down the search as many vendors offers the same product. Also if you are not familiar to the products and reputation of the vendor, you will end up not having the goods or getting  an inferior or "harmful products" (We met many such "honest" vendor, lucky most we are able to get the refund, some we don't. The painful is part is the long unresponsive claim procedure) Nevertheless, Qoo10 is still a wonderful place to shop. 

Below, we are sharing some links of Qoo10 products that we have bought or recommended to readers who wanted us to find for them vendors who are reputable and trustworthy in deliver the goods they requested. Lately, we bought a bought an Android Tablet that works well and the matter of fact, much cheaper than in Sim Lim Square. Perhaps you find something you require in the links below :) (PS: We know we mentioned before, always read the Buyer Review to get a glimpse of delivery time and product quality review before buying, Happy Shopping)

Food Stuff & Baby Product

Honey Citron Tea                                   Dolce Capsule

Dolce Capsule & Holders                             Coconut Drink                  

                                         Takoyaki Kit                               Korean Vital Quencher

Diaper Bags                                        Baby Sleeping Bag      

All In 1 Thermometer                               Lovely Baby Hips

Flower Girl Gown                         10pcs Finger Animal Puppets

Lovely Float For Baby/Kid                              Baby Play Mat

Digital Product, Mobile & Accessories

China-Made S3                                   Micro SD card

4 USB-Ports Charger                             Android Tablet

Screen Protector                                 Camera Accessories

Living & Daily Electronics

3M™ Anti-Slip Floor Stickers                Deodorant & Desiccant

 Car Camera                                   Lego Watch

Colourful Water Baby                                Ceramic Peeler

Reed Sticks Diffuser                                       Hurom Juicer

Fashions &Beauty

Made in Korea Jewelry                LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack

Watch & Accessory Storage Box                     Quick Drying T-Shirt

Work Dress                                             Korean Scarf

Korean Facial Form                                    Wash Body Scrub

Snail Hand Cream                                  Lash Perm

Aqua Trekking Slipper                                        Arm-Sleeve 

 Gears Sports Base                                 Colorful Bra

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