Monday, 26 November 2012

Post Black Friday Spares Sales

Spree as below CLOSED. 

Refer to current Special Deal at

Christmas footsteps are near. In a month time, we will be celebrating Christmas and A Happy 2013. This festival of sharing, Superbmothers is organising a grand sale on the spare sets we "accumulated" at great prices. Single item can be arrange to pay and collect at the entrance of Hougang Swimming Complex for most evening. If you purchase 3 items or more, we will arrange free local delivery to your single address destination. While stock lasts :)

A. Single Diamond Wok / Pan
K1. 28cm Kitchenart Diamond EcoGreen Wok $25
K2. 28cm Kitchenart Diamond EcoGreen Frying Pan $20
K3. 28cm Kitchenart Diamond Premium Frying Pan $30
K4. 28cm Kitchenart Diamond Premium Wok $35
K5. 28cm Happycall Diamond Grill Pan $50
K6. 28cm Happycall Diamond Wok $50

K1 + K2 + K3 + K4 = $100 + Pot Stand + Delivery
K5 + K6 + 28cm Lid = $110 + Delivery

K1 + K2 + K3 + K4
Pot Stand

K1 Ecogreen Diamond Wok                               

K2 Ecogreen Diamond Frying Pan

K3 Premium Diamond Frying Pan

K4 Premium Diamond Wok

B. Single Ceramic / Diamond Pots / Accessories
B1. Happycall Alumite 18cm (Green) Sauce Pan + Lid $29 (Last Piece!) (SOLD)
B2. Happycall Alumite 20cm (Blue) Pot + Lid $35 (Last Piece!)
B3. Happycall Black Edition 20cm (Black) Pot + Lid $36 (SOLD)
B4. Happycalll Alumite 28cm (Black) Pot + Lid $55 (Last 2 pcs!)
B5. Happycall Black Edition Diamond Two Handles Pot 28cm $55 (Last 2 Piece!)
B6. Happycall 28cm Glass Lid  $18 (Last 2 pcs!)
B7. Happycall Silicon Pot Holder $7 (Last 2 pcs!)
B8. Happycall 24cm Stainless Steel Steamer $10 (Last set)
B9. Happycall Special Edition 30cm Grill Pan $60
B10. Happycall 22cm Special Gold & Ceramic Fry Pan $50
B11. Happycall 22cm Special Gold & Ceramic Pot $55
B12. Happycall Infra Red Stove $95
B13. Kitchenart Ecoramic 18cm Sauce Pan (Yellow) + Lid  $35
B14. Kitchenart Sline 28cm (Red) + Lid (Happycall Lid) $50
B15. Magic Chef Forte 18cm 3 Ply Stainless Steel Pot + Lid $45
B16. Ginsu 14 pcs Cultery Set $50
B17. Happycall Standard Pan Type A (Non Functional Critical Chipped) $20

B10 + B11 $100
B10 + B11 + B12 $180 + Delivery
B9 + B10 + B11 + B12 $250 + Delivery

Ginsu 14 PCs Bakelite Cutlery Set 
Contents in Ginsu Cutlery
Contents in Ginsu Cutlery
Magic Chef 18cm 3 ply Stainless Steel Pot 
Magic Chef 18cm 3 ply Stainless Steel Pot

Happycall Standand Pan with HookHole (Handles are slightly chipped which does not affect the operation even on long wrong)
B18 Happycall Standand Pan with HookHole

C. Set Deals (Delivery Inclusive)
C1. Kitchenart 6pcs Diamond Set - $89 (Last 2 sets)
Kitchenart 6pcs Diamond Set
20cm Diamond Coated Pot + Lid
20cm Diamond Fry Pan
28cm Diamond Wok
28cm Diamond Fry Pan
28cm Glass Lid
(Light Weight & Very Affordable Series)

C2. Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 4+1 Sets $155 (The next hottest set after Happycall in Korea) (SOLD 2 SETS)
Can still order but deliver may take 5 to 10 days
C3. Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 5+1 Sets $209 (The next hottest set after Happycall in Korea)
(1 Set left at local, restock need a week, SOLD 1 SET)

18cm Sauce Pot + Lid (Blue)
20cm Pot (Yellow)
24cm Deep Pot (Green)
24cm Steam Pot (Orange)
28cm Deep Pot (Red) (Only in Set C3)
24cm Stainless Steel Steamer

C2 is Type I and C3 is Type J, Double Click to see a bigger picture

Please sms, whatsapp or email to reserve the item. For confirm booking, please transfer the amount as instructed in .  Items are first come first serve while stock last. 

Savvy Mummy

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