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Spree - 8th Happycall Spree

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience. We are starting our 8th Spree Today till 3rd Sept. Good news is most of the price has revised and lower :) Also we included a NO FRILL Price (NFP) for some of the items. NFP items only come with original korean manual, pan and box only. English and Chinese Manual are able to download online, aids to save Gaia. 

We have just returned from our Korea trip. Finally get to see birthplace of HCP in Busan. The "real thing" there, is no surprise, the same as what we sold. We will added some of the pictures in this spree and the rest will be in our new blog entry. Thank you !

Savvy Mummy

Note for 1st Time Buyer : Refer to Section 5 below for the ordering and payment for the spree.  
Note : Delivery will be delayed due to bad weather around Korea Peninsula 
(Updated on 27 Aug 2012, 2100HR, GMT+8)

1. HCP Double Sided Pressure Pan
Type A - HCP Standard* $53
Type B - HCP Red Deeper / Multipurpose $55 (NFP) / $60
Type C - HCP Red Jumbo $79
Type D - HCP Ocher Deeper / Multipurpose $55 (NFP) / S60
Type E - HCP Ocher Jumbo Grill $79
Extra Gasket : Add $1.50/pcs
Note :

* HCP Standard Pan may come with hook or without hook depending on vendor
a) Delivery 5-10 days, shipped from South Korea

b) Standard Free Gifts (NFP set not applicable) is 1 silicon gasket & english copied manual, other free gifts are by vendors and may varies from time to time.
c) Price above are inclusive of delivery in Singapore except for offshore island.
d) Please email us @ to check price and availability for shipping to other countries.

2. Ceramic Pots
Type F - Happycall Ceramic Pots 4+1 Steamer - $178
Type G - Happycall Ceramic Pots 5+ 1 Steamer - $220 (Price Lowered)
Type H - Kitchenart Ecoramic Plus Set 4+1 Steamer - $139 (Price Lowered) 
Type I - Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 4+1 Steamer Set - $158 (Hot in Korea)
Type J - Kitchenart Ecoramic S Line 5+1 Steamer Set - $210 (Hot in Korea)

Note :
a) Delivery 5-14 days, shipped from South Korea
b) Price above are inclusive of delivery in Singapore except for offshore island.
c) Please email us @ to check price and availability for shipping to other countries.

3. Diamond Pans Sets
Type K - Happycall Diamond 3pcs Set - $117
Type L - Happycall Diamond 6pcs Set - $151
Type M - Kitchenart F4 Blue Diamonds 3pcs Set - $79
Type N - Kitchenart/Coocan 6pcs Diamond Set - $108

Note :
a) Delivery 5-14 days, shipped from South Korea
b) Price above are inclusive of delivery in Singapore except for offshore island.
c) Please email us @ to check price and availability for shipping to other countries.

4. Delivery 
Note : Delivery will be delayed due to bad weather around Korea Peninsula (Updated on 27 Aug 2012, 2100HR, GMT+8)
The delivery will usually takes 5-14 days after payment.
1) Day 1-2 - Received orders, verified payment, order placement, packing of goods, arrange for courier pickup.
2) Day 3-4 - Pickup by courier, shipped to airport, flight, custom check, pickup by local courier.
3) Day 5 - Sort Order, Dispatched of parcel to deliveryman, delivery to customer.

Note 2
a) During public holidays at both Korea or Singapore, especially when it falls on the weekend, the delivery will be delayed up to 14 days. 
b) There is no courier delivery service during weekend at Korea. 
c) Usually deliveryman will not call the recipient before delivery. If goods are undelivered, usually deliveryman will left a notice for arrangement of redelivery or call on spot for rearrangement.
d) Express delivery by Singpost can only be arrange to deliver 9am to 5pm weekday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday.   

5. Order and Payment
i) Step 1 - Transfers of Payment 
Once you decide the order, transfers the amount to our account as follows
POSB Current Account : 702-12247-3
ii) Step 2 - Email/SMS/Whatsapp Your Order Details
Note : Payment via DBS/POSB ATM Transfers need to MMS/Whatsapp your transaction receipt to 8234-8479 to verify transfers. 
Email/SMS/Whatsapp the following details to us.
1. Name : Receiver Name, preferred as in NRIC especially when parcel is via Singpost.
2. Contact No :
3. Email : We will notify tracking number and verification of payment thru email.
4. Shipping Address : 
5. Orders : eg. 1 x Ocher Deeper + 2 additional Silicon Gasket
6. Transfer Amount : $68 + $7 = $75
7. Tx Ref : e.g ibanking posb, $75, 4 Jul, 7pm or atm (details on txn receipt)
8. Delivery Note : e.g Please do not delivery on sat or sun, the office only open from 9am to 5pm weekday.
iii) Step 3 - Verification 
We will checked for payment usually at the end of the day and revert back to you on latest within 3 working days. If you do not hear from us, do give us a call/Email/SMS/Whatsapp.

a) COD (Cash on Delivery) - This option is not always present, please checked with us to see if the option is available, there will be a surcharge for this option.
b) Self Collection - This option is available if the spare stocks are for release or you set the receiving address to us. Self collection is near Hougang Swimming Complex.
c) ibanking via other bank - The placement of order will delay until the payment is verified trfed to our account.

6. Warranty & Exchange
a) Goods are cooking utensils with no electrical parts thus do not carry any warranty.
b) However, as the item is parallel imported, we do have 1:1 exchange policy if the goods arrived damaged. Please email/SMS/MMS/Whatsapp the following when the goods arrived damage 
(i) Photos of Box on arrival (is the box damaged) 
(ii) Photos of the defected parts 
(iii) Photos of the waybills attached on the delivery box.  
c) Exchange will be at AMK Hub during weekend unless otherwise we make other arrangement with you.

7. Product FAQ

Q1. Is the product authentic? 
The above items in the spree are authentic from suppliers (retailers) in South Korea. We often purchase and sample the items from our suppliers. All free gifts from the original manufacturer are also authentic e.g silicon gasket. We do not endorse the quality of free gifts given by our supplier that are not originated from the manufacturer e.g facial mask. We urge reader to read our Happycall FAQ to find out more how to spot fake Happycall products. 

Q2. Why our price is lower than retails store and tv shopping?
We source our goods from South Korea's wholesalers/retailers. As we do group buy, the Korean retailers are able to give us a good price for the spree. 

Q3. Differences between Red & Ocher Series and differences of the Type 
Ocher is a later series from Red. The Ocher is a clay that can help to remove odors from food. The others differences are already described in Happycall FAQ, below is a summary of differences.

Q4 Differences between Ecoramic Plus, Ecoramic Sline & Happycall Ceramic?
Kitchenarts' Ecoramic Pot is the first gen, non stick, easy to wash, Ceramic Pots introduce on Channel U's shopping TV. Ecoramic Plus is the enhanced version that include spill free and stand-able glass lid.  

Ecoramic Plus has two annoying issues. Firstly, Ecoramic Plus' pots are good conductivity of heat and the whole pot is die cast where the handles of the pot are metal. Thus very hot to handle when heated up even with pot handler. Secondly, Ecoramic Plus do not have larger 28cm stewing pots in their series. Ecoramic Sline is the solution for Ecoramic Plus when the handles of the Sline' pots are make of bakelite. The drawback? Sline can't be use in oven to bake cake.

Happycall Alumite Ceramics has inner layer that are diamond coated so you can scrub up to 50k time even when use metal scrubs to scrub on it. Thus longer life span. The weight of Alumite is a bit lighter than S Line but the lid handle of Happycall is not quite comfortable for handling and the glass is a bit too dark to see the content properly. 

8. Contact Us
Email :
Contact/Whatsapp : 8234 8479
Forum : Kiasu Parents

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